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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the DEVIL 08 02 2014

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the DEVIL 08 02 2014

According to that above website there are 2.5 million alcohol related deaths worldwide.  The United States was the leader of the free world and FDR repealed Prohibition in 1932.  If you straight line that 2.5 million alcohol related fatality since 1932 approximately 82 years it means that he is responsible for 205,000,000 deaths!  That makes him the Devil! 

A man on Bible Talk Radio once proved how Jesus stated that King Nebuchadnezzar was the Devil.  The wine bottle called a Nebuchadnezzar is named after him!

But what else makes Franklin the Devil?  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere!  So how many mentally retarded and birth defective genetically mutated people did he also create, including the blind?

According to the following website every 5 minutes a baby is born with mental retardation.   As many as one out of 35 Americans may be mentally retarded!

If there are 318 million Americans it means that (1/35)*318= 9 million Americans are currently mentally retarded!

FDR created more than the current 9 million mentally retarded Americans we have today!  That is what also makes him the Devil!

Here is what King Nebuchadnezzar looked like:

Now because the United States was the leader of the free world and could have set the best example to stop all that mental retardation and alcohol related fatalities from happening but FDR went the other way on the issue that means we can accredit him to the scale up of those two numbers 205 million and 9 million to whatever those translations and the proper math reveals.  So if you just say that the United States is 10% of the worlds population and scale the numbers up by 10 you get 2.05 billion and 90 million.  That is called the back of the envelop method.  But if you want to know the truth, just about every problem we have today is caused by it!

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The Supreme Court ruled that is was cruel and unusual punishment to execute them.  But the Universal Bill of Human rights defines a human being as having their own human conscience and human reason.  A mentally retarded person never will!

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