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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A mentally defective person can't comprehend the natural human learning process 08 26 2015

A mentally defective person can't comprehend the natural human learning process  08 26 2015

To them learning is always something that is given or the result of someone being told something.

They always attribute it to someone else being with you.  As if knowledge is something that only resides in a person.  It is a false God concept isn't it.

"If so and so wasn't with that person they would not have learned anything."

Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact the exact opposite is true the presence of those who cannot learn leads to no one being able to learn.  Again via the attack of the spaghetti monster principle.

They might as well just go on to boast.  "If there wasn't a Spaghetti Monster present you would not have learned a thing."

About 20 years of that and there will be no human race left.

I used my higher mind to figure that out.  Through analysis, synthesis, comparative analogy and gestalt.

Why can't they learn by comparative analogy?  Because when you hate yourself you cannot learn by comparative analogy, because you can't make a single fair comparison.  Every valid comparison a person like that makes leads to terminal depression. 

92% of the gun violence statistics are stated to come from suicide.  Sooner or later those people realize that they have been led down the wrong path.  That all the true comparisons are valid.  That is a terminal epiphany.  Their minds are already closed.  There is no amount of medicine that can save them. They cannot be made humble for the learning defect that was promoted.  It's flawed and at some point that personal misery catches up to them.  They can't make reactive jokes to it all their lives.  Something to think about if you want to prevent it.

When they cannot reference in conversation to knowledge and valid constructs they reference to the concept of false idols.  It is their way of deferring the mental defect or rather denying the lack of comprehension.

People always want to say you are odd when you can't explain something to them.  How come the standard isn't more, "I think you are odd for lack of comprehension."  Oh we don't dare go there do we.

"Education lost does not equal education gained."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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