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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

He could be perfectly happen 08 26 2015

He could be perfectly happen  08 26 2015

One day while working at the gas station I made a comment about how I felt sad for a person born with a physical birth defect.

The guy I was working with told me, "He could be perfectly happy being that way."

But, did he choose to be that way?  Would he choose to be that way?  Would you choose to be that way?

So the question that clarifies this is,

"Who chose for him to be that way?

I am getting into the nuances of adult responsibility here.

Did the parents who drank, smoke or used the drugs that caused the birth defects choose for that child to be that way?

Does the white collar criminal choose to commit a crime?

But what happens if we boldly state, "That persons parents chose for that child to be birth defective." ???

It isn't like not enough warning labels on products have been printed already over a very long period of time.

 But that is all I have time for.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 08 26 2015:

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