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Monday, August 24, 2015

So why allow homosexuals in the Military in the first place 08 24 2015

So why allow homosexuals in the Military in the first place 08 24 2015

Many corporations were in trouble after WWII so in order to help them they needed to have defense contractor status.  It was a bad idea and a real bad trend.

But does allowing gays in the military really have to do with their being Gay's at those Corporate defense contractors?  And they would lose business unless their was a mandate of acceptance for them?

Usually that is the type of bad motivation that prevails that we don't hear about.

Or perhaps there were Gays in the military already and the Corporate defense contractors knew it?  And that created tense relations?  So in order to smooth things out it was stated that they must be accepted?

We will never really know will we.  Because besides all the special rights and privileges that have been granted to them they have not come publicly forward.  Which means that they have shame.  In my growing up book a person that has shame is really a coward.  We hear that they are in professional sports to a high degree.  Can you put those last two sentences together?

I am not a coward.  I hear voices and I have no shame whatsoever about them.  It isn't me that is cursing me like that!  There isn't some screw lose in my brain that causes me to be cursed.  And it isn't me cursing myself.

So if you want to be accepted as normal how come you don't have the courage to admit what you are.  This is the land of the free and the home of the brave.  So we have a whole class of people among us that are not brave enough to publicly admit what they are.  Then they will state it is none of your business and it doesn't matter to you.  Fine then don't bring up any issues with regard to it.

They are the absolute best at this, "No one else gets to define what I am!  Only I get to define what I am."  Science has proven that wrong.  So on the opposite end of the spectrum again, we have those who hear voices and people state that they are not allowed to define what they are.

So you can't say anything bad about anyone else and you can't assert your opinion, normality and humanity.  Isn't that a miserable person that would indoctrinate a world with that?

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Wow!  There it is!  A lot of their success in life is dependent upon other people wanting to be them!  Think about it!  How successful would a quarterback be if he was openly gay?  Would he get as many product endorsement monies? 

Now lets think about that a little more and the damage it creates to society.  Lets say one is gay, boys don't know it, and they idolize him!  In fact they openly want their minds to be like his.  In effect they are inverse imprinting from his mind.  And they then turn out gay because of that imprint.  Does how you think change your genes?  Yes.  If sleep deprivation can change your genes and it can then how you think can change your genes.  So in effect one could say that homosexuals are being created because successful homosexuals didn't have the courage to publicly and openly admit it.

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