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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Humor What Gun background checks really amount to 08 06 2015

Humor What Gun background checks really amount to 08 06 2015

A bunch of women and effeminate hillbilly latent genetic homosexual men making a square dance out of it.  And being paid an exorbitant and restrictive infringement ownership margin on the product to do so!  It is an insult and degradation to the American man!

Any and all fee's from this ought to be returned to the American!

All it is really designed to do is to force that employee to maintain sobriety so that they know how to dot the i's and cross the t's and therefore keep the stores insurance rates down by less having in store accidents?  If they can relay the paperwork then they ought to know enough to hand the customer an unloaded gun to look at?

And here is what Besse May the employee is thinking.  "Uhm hum.  Do I want to marry that one or not.  If not maybe I will give him a look of more discerning.  Uhm hum.  He's looking at my tail feather as I turn away isn't he."

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