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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sex Abuse by Priest Settlement of $21 million works out to $2,625.oo per person for being sterilized by a Priest updated

Sex Abuse by Priest Settlement of $21 million works out to $2,625.oo per person for being sterilized by a Priest

That is the way I read it considering that there were 8,000 claims per my last reading.

And the legal odd balls will want to say they weren't all sterilized; you get the point don't you?

Does the Pope actually believe that is fair?  Is this something he is proud of accomplishing per his Church management term?  It is the kind of thing these business types actually like to stand up at podiums and take proud credit for resolving!

There was no money in Ancient Egypt.  How do you think they would have handled it?  In order to have a civilization without money you have to have high standards don't you.  And that Civilization was around a very very long time.

The Catholic Church's answer to men and women who can't have children is the Pro Life movement!  "Here raise this genetic retard sired from a bar encounter one night stand by none other than our highest church contributor!  That ought to make you happy!  Oh the things we do for you!  If you only knew just how lucky you are."

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Whomever the Defendant's Lawyers are they should have been fired.  The award should have been more like $1 million per person.  And that would equate to an $8 Billion that dollar total settlement.    And  that would have bankrupted the Corporation that is the Roman Church that operates as a tax free charity in the United States.

One more very important point regarding all this.  Everyone looks at it and just thinks it is anomalous men here and there as Priests committing these queer acts.  But look at the history of missionaries from the Catholic Church into other countries?  What did they "missionaries" go into those countries with?  A kit that included a gun, a scalpel and a needled with heroin in it.  And look at what they did in Ireland?  Horrific things! Stealing babies and selling them to the emotionally disturbed in New York City.  That isn't a religion it is a satanic based business.

That missionary and other "work" they did proves that it wasn't just anomalous activity it was an agenda!


I have been told that U.S. forces are not allowed to go near the heroin fields in Afghanistan.  That the French and British handle that.  But also that Heroin production is at record levels since the British came in to the Middle East.  FDR's family money came from the opiate (heroin equiv) trade with China.  Who profits from that heroin?  It has to be the wealthiest Aristocrats in France and England and their bad spawn into the United States.  We will never see it because the activity is laundered through trusts and banks.  Exactly how the Catholic Church attempted to hide money from these claims, and successfully did so.

So what does the Pope have to say about "The living devils?"  He commends them when they don't bankrupt his business?  He assumes a name while Pope just like Hitler assumed a mustache while he was the genocidal Nazi leader.

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