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Monday, August 24, 2015

Dark First Day of School Humor 08 24 2015

Dark First Day of School Humor 08 24 2015

"It appears that one of the little boys in class with us has a mother who is a whore; and that he would like to tell us about it."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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As common as that is and has been how come we never fight dramas or situational humor about how boy's who have mothers that are whores grow up?  How come you never heard of that behavior being admonished in either Catholic or Public School?  Because it must be devastating for the child to deal with?

As slow and dimwitted as our Politicians are and have been don't you just want to ask them that?  "Joseph was your mother a whore?"

Am I the only one who wants to ask Dr. Phil if his mother was a whore?

And won't it be a very productive statistic to know, "How many children who can't learn have mothers who are whores?"

Or how many children that are put up for adoption are done so because plain and simple their mothers were whores?

But I just flushed something out here didn't I.  The children up for adoption pass from poor mothers that are whores to wealthy sterile mothers that were whores?

But lets continue on with this a little while.  WHY IS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH PROLIFE?  Because as seen above Pro Life fosters illegitimacy!  And what do the illegitimate need?  A belief system?  But the illegitimate don't end up believing in a good belief system; then just end up creating more illegitimate and promoting an illegitimate belief system!  It creates a greater money market for hope doesn't it!  It is a confidence game.

So who were the big wine merchants in Italy?  What were those big surnames?  You know it is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere!!!

And I also want to know what form of alcohol was drank in Africa pre slavery in the U.S.

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