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Monday, August 17, 2015

The Eugenics Movement was a willful distraction from Alcohol based Birth defects genomics 08 17 2015

The Eugenics movement was a willful distraction from Alcohol based birth defects genomics.

  • To the point that it amounts to treason!
  • They targeted races when in fact the issue was more of who drank preconception and during pregnancy to yield a mentally retarded baby known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

The reason this came about was because the wealthy socialite drinkers did not want to abandon power!

A whole unconstitutional legal structure of limited liability then arose in the United States.

The issue was addressed with Prohibition and also the Woman's Temperance Movement in Nazi Germany; which was started by school teachers who were completely frustrated beyond human patience.

But what was the Nazi movement? National Socialist Workers Party. How does that read? A bunch of drunks son's who could not do well in school. To me socialism is a group o the mentally defective standing around and giggling as they talk about what real men are thinking.

Can I tell you what their daily life is like? They drink at night. And then the next day at work is a complete process of remembering how to do the job right and achieving a sense of happiness from that looping madness of daily re-achievement! That is effeminated thinking at best.

And how do we appease them in the United States? We import goods from China that evade United States Environmental laws so that American Nazi can put them together without having to make them. It is indeed one world ocean! So that pollution created in China does indeed pollute the United States.

If we are paying $80,000.oo in Social Security to a family to raise a mentally retarded child at least we ought to get something out of that! Wouldn't you feel comfortable if a fraction of that amount of money was paid to sterilize that mentally retarded person so that problem doesn't propagate and drain our country of its means as well as giving rise to a political force that will only seek to destroy the United States Constitution; the basis of Freedom that was supposed to be spread to the rest of the world by example????

We need to invert the concept of psychiatry. Instead of the mentally defective determining when they have had enough of a human beings thinking; the human beings capable of independent thought should be the ones to say when they have had enough of the mentally retarded! And make it enforceable!

Women like dumb men because they don't pose a threat to their self esteem for lack of intelligence. So the only way you nix that is by disallowing women to vote. Why? So that we can reestablish the greatness of the human race in every single person! In other words we can't have women that victimize men for their greater intelligence abounding in our human civilization! We can't let them effeminate a male.

The instance of WWII can be thought of as a worldwide Cover Up of people who have a mental birth defect from alcohol.  Rather than accept themselves for being that way and where they belong in the heirchary of society they would kill every single normal human being there is; after they fail to destroy them by cursing.

No one ever hears voices in their head; they hear curses in their head!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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