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Friday, August 28, 2015

The Institution of Psychiatry is the Dog Biting the Hand that Feeds it 08 28 2015

The Institution of Psychiatry is the Dog Biting the Hand that Feeds it  08 28 2015

Income leveling.

So the Founding Fathers wanted a Commonwealth.  Part of the framework of that is in the United States Constitution.  Senators were supposed to be profit centers.  A profit center was not just supposed to benefit one person it was supposed to provide for the needs of the people.  You know things that should be considered simple for a developed nation, clean water, clean air, solid roads.

Corporations initially led to American Prosperity until the Stock Market Fraud of 1929 and the World War that followed it.

The Corporation isn't that today it is more along the lines of a genocidal machine.

So how do you correct that to make it more in line with the United States Constitution.

First of all Limited Liability is not the standard of men; Personal Accountability for ones actions is.  Limited Liability is about as far away from the Standard of Men as you can get.

Second you need income leveling.  As profit centers are designed to meet the needs of the people.  This also defeats a subjective health care system.  Why?  Only the truly ultraistic human beings desire to heal the sick and become health care workers.  You can't have people in it for the money because it creates the worst form of genocidal corruption there is; medical fraud.  To disempower those who are a normal legitimate challenge to you.  Think of how many deaths there are directly related to pharmaceuticals every year?  Think of how the poor in the United States remain sick all their lives. 

In a Common Wealth you cannot have drunks creating mentally retarded children either.  The Puritans who founded this country knew that and only wanted people to drink in moderation so that they would know how to obey laws.  So somehow we are going to need to ADD something to our Constitution to bring that idea to bear.  The 18th Amendment was supposed to do that but FDR who looted the Stock Market in 1929, whose family money came from the opiate trade with China, who gave us the 21st Amendment which was illegal because it was not valid as to the intent and purpose of the United States Constitution nixed all that.  And gave us the Institution of psychiatry, essentially a Dog biting the hand that feeds it.

FDR could not have come into power if it were not for the Federal Reserve.  Back then the banks and stock market brokerage firms were one.  And short selling is the making a profit when stocks go down.  The short seller sells stock he doesn't not own at a high price and then when it goes down he buys it; and the difference between those two prices is his profit.  And that is indeed what fueled FDR's Presidential bid.  Also at that same time a man who was going to give us free health care named Huey Long (sp?)  was assassinated by a man of a German surname named Weiss.  This was in the south.  Where indeed the German influence was very brutal in beating down any slavery revolts.  Put this in the time frame of eugenics and World War II with Germany. 

But anyhow what I am getting at is all Corporate Profits should go directly into a commonwealth.

One of the benefits of this is that best technologies will always be used irregardless of patent ownership, this creates products that last rather than waste that piles up until it kills all of us.

So you get income leveling with that.  You also get new classes of people.

1.  Those who can learn and therefore work.
2.  Those who cannot learn to work and who do not have the proper personal hygiene to be around your food.
3.  And the hand that feeds the dog that the dog bit becomes the ruling class because it is indeed the source of mental cognition for those who claimed intellect, social skills, intellectual property that were all derived from that soul whose mind was interjected upon with cursing voices.  It has to be this way because you can't have a had running the show.  As much as a hag gleams a few things here and their from a demonized human mind she cannot be allowed to run the show and manage human lives.  Why not?  Because essentially she is a miserable and therefore unfair person.  And nor can a hags sons be allowed to manage; they do indeed suffer from the same cognition as the had does and it is a great source of personal shame for them.  The hag is only motivated to ruin the best works of men in civilization out of spite for what she is not and can never be.  And that ultimately leads to human extinction on the planet; but the hag doesn't care.  A hag is never made responsible for her own actions.  So indeed this is the doctrine of limited liability versus the standard of man; personal accountability.  With personal accountability the dog can not bite the hand that feeds it.

With psychiatry the hag wants you to believe that she and her brood actually thought of everything they stole from a human mind that they then sought to zombify with psychiatric drugs.

The metaphor in the Bible of everything comes from God is exactly the same as everything the mentally defective ever have in life including wealth comes directly from the minds that the hags cursed and demonized.

I can hear her crying now?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 08 28 2015 at:

At a certain point in a hags second person cognition she realizes that she isn't in any way doing the thinking of the person whose mind she has chosen to be a part of against their will.  And she hates epiphany that more than anything on earth.  To know that there are people in this world who are much smarter and capable than her.  That don't need her around.  Hence she desires to put those better minds on drugs.  The hag has bitten the hand that feeds her.


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