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Monday, August 10, 2015

Discoveries that are part of natural progressions 08 10 2015

Discoveries that are part of natural progressions  08 10 2015

Should someone be allowed to collect rights on natural projections?  Perhaps for a while but not for the entire life of the species?

Anyone sitting there with that instrument would have naturally discovered that progression.  Are you to therefore put a road block to the discovery and further development of a natural progression.

Isn't a bit of mental defect, spoiled wishful thinking, cave man mentality among us to say that "Urg" discovered the wheel!  "Only Urg could have discovered the wheel!  All those wheels are Urg's.

"But Urg is done developing the wheel.  However he has the divine right to observe you using his wheel and therefore claim any development you made to it as his own.  Thereby keeping the right to Urg's wheel idea consistent with Urg's intent.  Hence you may not claim any right to natural projections or facsimiles of Urg's wheel.  It  all belongs to Urg."

"And there is indeed some doubt as to whether Urg really invented the wheel at all but rather Observed someone else using one; and killed him and took it."

"Urg doesn't like the natural right of human mobility does he!  That is why he took your wheel?"

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