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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Thoughts on a Future Banking System

Petition to End the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel 08 23 2015

The only two United States Presidents who attempted to end the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel, (John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln) were assassinated.

The Federal Reserve is structured so that a few of the largest U.S. Banks and called money center banks and the top management of those banks are members of the Federal Reserve board.

Because United States Banks participated in the mortgage Fraud that could have led to an economic depression which in turn leads to genocide of the poor through starvation, it is time that the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel is ended.

That amounts to an act of Treason; which is punishable by death.

What should replace it? First and foremost there should be compensation caps on all banking officials whereby an amount of total yearly income over a certain amount is “given back.” It makes the banker honest. More credit should be granted to someone that doesn't need limited liability than one who does. A business that only hires legal citizens should be granted more credit by comparison. A business that has a zero rate of people becoming disabled while working there should be granted more credit. A business that strives to make pollution zero should be granted more credit. A business that sells and produces organic produce should be granted credit whereas a business that produces pharmaceuticals that directly kill 1,000's of people every year, should not. A Hospital organization that actually helps people should be granted more credit. A whistle blower should be granted credit in comparison to the criminals who should not. A company that produces renewable solar based electricity should be granted more credit than a military contractor corporation that is motivated towards war. A company that makes products that last 30 years should be granted credit whereas one that makes things out of plastic none. Corporations that make consumables that cause cancer and other diseases should not be granted credit. An Insurance company that pays out very little in claims and defers any losses to the citizen somewhere decades down the line in an unsustainable business model should not be granted credit. Any business involved in gambling including those of professional sports should not be granted any credit. A person who wants to borrow money to create a pot farm, vineyard, winery, tobacco plantation, should not be granted credit. A person who has no personal ambition should not be granted credit. Anyone who has made substantial donations to political candidates should not be granted any credit! Why would you loan money to someone so that they can just funnel it into politics. Any Corporation that has covered us sexual molestations of children should no longer be granted credit; funny how the Church is a Corporation and charity at the same time isn't it! A brokerage firm that lost Americans money should not be granted credit; they should only be able to make money through very small commissions which means they do not have a sustainable business model. Should a political candidate that is committing treason before they are ever elected be granted credit? No! It seems very easy to see what should be done but for some reason never happens. Should a lawyer involved in giving “advice” that makes criminal conduct go undetected be granted credit? No. Should a Doctor that received any kickbacks in any scheme be granted credit? No.

How about someone who went to college and graduated only to be cursed by voices when they worked in Investment Banking? That person should have priority terms in being granted credit.

What am I getting at? Our current banking “lineup” has fostered none of these things!

Also perhaps credit should be favorably granted to those who do not use any drugs including alcohol and tobacco. Should credit even be granted to criminals in the Banking Industry? That has become a threat to national security.

But the first step in all of this is to say that the Federal Reserve can no longer borrow, loan or invest money.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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