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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Name one black community that is more "white" than a white community 08 27 2015

 Name one black community that is more "white" than a white community   08 27 2015

By "white" I mean behavior wise.

If equality is indeed true you would think that there would be at least one somewhere.  I would believe that there has to be one somewhere.

1. Responsible adults.
2. Clean and free of litter.
3. High education standards.
4. Low crime rate.
5. Safe to walk the streets at night.
6. Low noise level.
7. Do not fear gun ownership.
8. High level of competence regarding upkeep and fixing of things.
9.  No drunks, drug users or vagrants to worry about.
10.  Everyone relatively healthy and self respecting.
11.  Low level of loitering.

This is the standard of how I judge the Obama, Biden, Hillary and "media" years.

So if you can't think of one in the United States how about another country?

The gestalt that I get of all our current lineup of politicians and media is that of meddling clowns.  What do I mean?  People really not that well suited for what they are doing and therefore mindlessly messing it up without intention?

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