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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Invention Design Needed to Market: Semi Circumference Waist Belt 08 08 2015

Invention/Design Needed to Market: Semi Circumference Waist Belt 08 08 2015

This would be a heavy 1 1/4 inch piece of elastic waist band about 3 inches long with two spring locking eyelet clips on each end.  It would be attached to the two back belt straps of pants that are on opposite sides of the middle back belt strap.  It would serve to pleat in the back of pants to create a belt effect, thereby reducing the diameter and keeping them up high on the waist.

It would also serve to keep blacks from wearing their pants hanging off the a55 and would be far more comfortable than a belt if made correctly.



Adding powdered stone such as marble to a plastic insulating house wrap like the blue ones you see as the are going up would indeed give the material a higher refractory value without sacrificing other performance issues.

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