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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Education LOST does NOT Equal Education Gained 08 26 2015

Education LOST does NOT Equal Education Gained 08 26 2015

How many people lost their High School education in college by being hazed? How many lost it immediately after college by being hazed in the workforce?

An American Human Being should never attend a University and LOSE their High School Education in the process of attending that University!


What is schizophrenia? You sit down to concentrate and use your own personal knowledge and you are attacked by the Spaghetti Monster! The Spaghetti Monster is indeed how the University of Wisconsin defined God!!!!


Homosexuals are indeed part of that Spaghetti Monster! Therefore all homosexuals should lose their surnames. A generic common descriptive title will suffice.


They have already forsaken natural human reproduction. Their is absolutely no patriarchal lineage that will ever be legitimately handed down.

So their former surname can be their new middle name so that we can have some idea of where they came from. Or perhaps a name with four names in it would be best. That would also take into account the matriarchal genetics of some races.

But what would you replace that last name with?

It has to be common and universal to every single one of them. Here are some ideas.

  1. Spaghettimonster
  2. Beerbottle
  3. Down's
  4. Asper
  5. Autsi
  6. Dserotonin (short for defective serotonin regulating gene; the gene that determines whether a person will be made happy from personal achievement or not.) Should those who genetically will never be happy from personal achievement ever be allowed the reward of money?
Why not? No United States citizen should ever be extorted by that race. It violates your Constitutional rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Should those on a normal path to human procreation ever be put out on the street by that race? No!

Should a mentally defective race of people ever be allowed to extort honest Americans for money in any machination or scheme? It should have never been allowed to have happened.

Do you ever come out of a big box department store populated by many black people that cannot behave at any age and it is like you have completely lost your education? 

Education LOST does NOT Equal Education Gained

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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