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Monday, August 10, 2015

Pure White Authority 08 10 2015

Pure White Authority

If the Chinese can limit the reproduction of their own people then so can the United States limit the Reproduction of those of Chinese nationality here. The Chinese made that judgment of their own people.

And if we can limit the reproduction of the Chinese then we can also limit the reproduction of all other Asiatic strains.

World history can indeed be viewed from the standpoint of how that Asiatic DNA strain affected civilization.

  1. In the Bible Paul who was Saul from Asia killed all the Jews of ancient Israel. The rest were asiatic miscegenated?

  2. But in terms of European races we often hear the weakness of the Eastern Europe race versus the Western European. What can that only be accredited to? Miscegenation from that Asiatic DNA strain. Pale white skin Romanians prone to scientifically undocumented Revanant behavior? And perhaps that Romanian Jewish strain is the strain that lacked Prophetic thinking ability and thereby killed all the Jewish Prophets out of insane jealousy?

  3. Look at how that Asiatic Strain is affecting the United States from Mexico? Our Constitution was designed to allow immigration freedom here of those seeking religious asylum. No an Asiatic strain that uses drugs to prey on human life. Not such a large immigration wave of that to the point it represents a Warforce that threatens the United States Constitution.
  4. Just turn on the television and watch any of that political banter via our Jewish monopolized media and what do you determine? They don't have prophetic thinking ability? You don't learn prophetic human thinking ability when your cognition is based on someone who hears voices and mind is being split by them. Also what I noticed is that they lack one of three basic elements studied in psychology. I would have to dig out the old textbook from 25 years ago to see what the name is for it. But it works like this a member of a species has these concerns; per my memory.

a. Survival of self.

b. Survival of family.

  1. Survival of species.

    There is absolutely ZERO evidence that they have any concern for “C.” Do you know what that means? Conditions precedent for human extinction have been willfully created. You can't get any dumber than that.
Someone that doesn't care about "c" above also does not care about "We the People" who are the basis of the United States Constitution.

That which doesn't consider the survival of its own species? Analyze that. The answer you come up with is that it doesn't consider itself to be one of it's own species.

Lasting and sustaining human freedom isn't going to come from Asiatic miscegenated DNA having political power in the United States, it will create just the opposite.

Here is the eerie feeling a Viet Nam Veteran might recognize? “Snake eye's is watching you!”

If you heard something howling in order to distract you from typing you would understand too.

That is all I can type for today. You hate it. It could land me in a bad kings prison. I don't make a dime from it. And it just causes me more grief.

The pure white race established world wide freedom and the United States.

In Corporate business that Asiatic strain wins and dominates the entire world. Why? Because they don't care how they treat employees or people. When you make goods comparatively free you threaten world wide freedom. And that means there will be NO more pure white race that established human freedom. Perhaps only the person who makes the goods with their hands gets to profit from it? Now that would be a business model for China! “How much food shall we give our Emperor today?”
“How much food shall we give Kissinich today?” “We can't allow that one to have any children because they will seek to put yours on poisonous drugs because they envy their human intelligence.”

One more point about only those who make things with their own hands get to profit.  My person observations tell me that those who don't make things with their own hands are completely void of the ability to do so per brain limiting defect.  An adult male who cannot even make things with his own hands is not a man to me.  So you have to give them a false right of passage in a country so that they can prosper.  By why would you ever want that to prosper and financially dominate?  What a horror!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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