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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Pentagon was built in 1943

The Pentagon was built in 1943

That makes it another FDR function.

And I want its historical and mothballed legacy to always be that the United States Defined what evil was through practice and public policy better than any nation on earth!

We are going to have completely different history books in the future that will be dedicated to preventing evil from existing and coming to fruition.

Thomas Paul Murphy

FDR did not prevent Communism he was the start of it!  The key tenet, of his adviser on Social Reform for his New Deal was Charles Van Hise the President of the University of Wisconsin,  was "One must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry."  You can't get any more Communist than that.

But lets piece it together a little better with regard to U.S. involvement in WWII.  FDR's family money (he was of English and French nationality) came from the opiate trade with China.  We know from the middle east wars that there are massive poppy fields.  They are used to produce morphine and heroin.  So FDR still had family connections/ownership to those fields in Europe that were under attack by Hitler?

So what are the birth defects from alcohol (FDR's illegal 21st amendment) and heroin use?  They are mental retardation, sometimes without readily apparent physical or verbal indications!  So what kind of a country is best for them?  One where they are in control.  As in Communism or limited liability Corporate America.  Can't sell heroin in pharmaceutical form without limited liability can you!

So FDR had to have had some knowledge of crops.  And what happened back then?  The seed industry was converted from Gov sponsored to limited liability sponsored private ownership.  All Corporations are essentially privately owned because you and I will never know what is going on in them even if we are a public shareholder.  What am I getting at?  Was that seed manipulated to create the dust bowl?  And widespread hunger leading honest Americans to sign up to serve in the war?

That seed industry needs to revert back to gov.

But what is Communism the exact equivalent of?  The slavery of the Confederate South!  So we ended slavery in the U.S. and the mentally defective wealthy then scrambled to take the world to War?  To eliminate the threat of competition from the up and comers to their wealth status?


But what else came about under the wiccan wand of FDR's cabinet that stayed in office until the 70's?

The CIA created in 1947.  And the first thing they did was develop drugs to give to blacks that made them walk I a stupor and thereby look incoherent.  And that was the basis of psychiatry too!  If there is someone smarter than you discredit them with psychiatry.


The FBI no that was earlier.  McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt.   But the FBI had to have been instrumental in forming the CIA.  And neither one of those organizations track anarchists!  In fact just the opposite is true; they engage in and practice pagan anarchy!  Torture, human experimentation.  The FBI did not enforce Prohibition!  Again alcohol being the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.  You can't get more anarchy than that!


BATF  1972

Everything about it is unconstitutional!  Frist of all alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.  Cancer causing cigarettes are a direct violation of your Constitutional rights.  And per the Constitution there is to be NO gun control whatsoever.

SEC  1930's

What about the Securities and Exchange Commission?  It is completely useless!  You will never get your money back from stock market fraud and shell companies stocked with the mentally retarded with strong verbal ability.

EPA ~1970 

Completely useless.  No judiciary power.  Disempowered by Corporate America.  Diabetes medicine in the water out to two miles from the shore in Lake Michigan in Milwaukee.  Rivers filled with brown silt from all the beef crap that made those people fat and diabetic in the first place.


What about the FCC?  Completely useless and treasonous.  People are allowed to do whatever they want with EMF if they claim they are experimenting.


NSA1952  Completely treasonous.  Guilty of partnering with a foreign nation to spy on innocent U.S. Citizens.


Federal Reserve 1913 (Theodore.)  A Complete lions share handout of citizen money to the wealthy!

But when did Charitable Exemptions come into play?  Highly unconstitutional with regard to religion.  The only people that should ever participate and receive charitable exemptions in the United States are the disabled.  Not umbrella organizations redistributing money of the wealthy.

A lot of the above can and should be executed for Treason.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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