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Monday, August 24, 2015

Wait a minute on Gun Control 08 24 2015

I stole all this stuff from the link above:
A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
Having been oppressed by a professional army, the founding fathers of the United States had no use for establishing one of their own. Instead, they decided that an armed citizenry makes the best army of all. General George Washington created regulation for the aforementioned "well-regulated militia," which would consist of every able-bodied man in the country.

What does it say?  "....the right of the people...."  There are people in this world and their are monsters in this world.  The British army being an army of monsters?

But what makes a person a person?  A human being is defined as having their own Conscience and Human Reason.

Would George Washington want an English monster of  a person to have guns?  No!  That second amendment means that if you are a person you can have one.

Is a criminal minded person really a person?  Do they possess a human conscience and human reason?

Now this is why the illegal 21st amendment is such a threat to the 2nd amendment.  Alcohol is the leading cause of the creation of the criminal minded.

Is someone who hears voices and is labeled a schizophrenic a person?  They are at the top of the evolutionary scale in terms of humanity.  On the other end of the scale you have those with Down's Syndrome.  Someone who is labeled schizophrenic has a human mind so great that others of lesser genetic races intrude upon it.

Are there people that we can define as not being persons because of their actions?  If they never used any drugs and were not birth defective and committed the following crimes would could indeed judge them as not being a person with a conscience.

1. Selling ingestible products that kill people or cause genetic harm.
2. Engaging in pimping services of prostitutes.
3. Slavery.
4.  Selling street drugs that ruin peoples lives.
5. Creating environmental toxins and never cleaning them up.
6.  Participating in medical fraud.
7.  Participating in grand schemes of Financial fraud.
8. Engaging in and promoting torture.
9. Sodomy rape by one male to another male.

I have more bad things I can't stand about people; that I really feel have no place on earth with us.

The way that they attacked the Second Amendment in the United States was to demonize those who have legitimate human minds and made them hear voices.    I am saying that the person who hears voices is more human than human!  I am stating that they are exactly like the Colonists that fought off the English.

Can we diagnose if a person isn't really a person by the way that they look?  We can all spot a Down's Syndrome person?  Do short people have stunted growth due to alcohol; and therefore likely a mental defect too?  There is a whole list of conditions like that.  Born with far sightedness? 

What am I getting at?  That person with a brain defect wanting to defy reality and define those who don't have one as being abnormal and further victimizing them and their rights due to that motivation?

What about Gay people?  New scientific research indicates they have  defect in the gene that regulates serotonin which is responsible for happiness from personal achievement.

So am I gun control?  No.  What am I?  A person who hears voices and knows without a doubt that they are caused by the mentally defective that do not have their own soul.


Transgendered in the military?  You really aren't thinking about this from a world wide perspective.  What is just one reason you don't want transgendered or gay people in the military?  Because if we get into a war that foreign enemy is likely to kill every single one of us out of disgust and not being able to discern who is what.  You think that there should not be any mal perception about the homosexual.  But that is just wishful thinking.  It is part of a delusional belief system.  You really don't want to put us in that great a danger because of your delusional belief system?

The only way that you can have gun control is by defining those you don't want to have guns as not being people.   And do you know where the bad man takes that concept?  He will then state to define Corporations as people, no matter how they are comprised as the above, and kill all the humans who have their own minds with them.  By definition if your thoughts are intruded upon with voices it means that you have your own human soul and are a person.  Sheba might not like it but it is still true.  Do you see how that works so that  you don't like it?  As soon as you start defining who isn't a person you are going to get added to that list very fast.  So go ahead and try it.  Keep it up.  Come on, let's see what happens.

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