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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Defense Spending is the highest Cost WELFARE to the United States!

Defense Spending is the highest Cost WELFARE to the United States!

Who financially benefits from this unconstitutional form of welfare?

1. Corporate Defense contractors and management.

2. Those who could not meet academic standards.

3.  Hillary Clinton and head of state.

4. Foreign nations employment at the expense of U.S.

5. Veterans who are victimized by the above four welfare recipients.

6. The cost of the mentally ill created by the above because they couldn't fairly compete with human being me in the first place.

7.  Military pensions!

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Thomas Paul Murphy

Now don't get your nose all out of joint.  Corporations are unconstitutional too.  And they are the source of the greatest wealth in world history.  Banks acted in treason in participation in the mortgage fraud.

What am I getting at?  All of the above spending needs to be nixed.  I am not going to take your room or house.  And we can make sure you have plenty to eat.  And you don't need anything more than that!

How do we pay for environmental remediation?  Inscripted manual labor of former U.S. Corporate management and all the rest who said we could never pay for it.  And I am not going to work you until the cartridge in your bones fails.  And if you are as dumb as a potato it would be a good thing if you didn't have children that won't be able to listen and learn, right?

The create, foment and foster national enemies just to keep the blood money beast going!

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