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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dearticulation a newly defined word 08 30 2015

Dearticulation a newly defined word 08 30 2015

The process of negating the legitimate meaning of an argument and conclusion by using very concise and better vocabulary or longer and more sentences.

In the process of articulation sometimes the most concise vocabulary is not the best because single words are subject to connotative and contextual meaning.

So perhaps first we define to articulate and then define dearticulation as the use of both forms of articulation by the weak minded. 

To articulate:

  1. To use concise and higher level vocabulary to convey the meaning of something.
  2. To use longer and more sentences to convey the meaning of something.
A third element of dearticualtion would be denial of meaning due to a lower level of personal comprehension. The process of dearticulation often involves the application of simple terms of better vocabulary to sidetrack the meaning of parts of a better element of meaning. In effect using concise vocabulary in an attempt to emotionally sway the mind of the listener to believe you have indeed provided a counterargument to the complete issue that was articulated.

Often the person who articulated in the first place has already taken into account every single human concern with regard to what was articulated. So indeed the person who dearticulates can be said to have a mental block. Also known as defect in comprehension.

And therefore sometimes the act of dearticulation is one of that person begging for you to provide more understanding to them.

The process of dearticulation can be said to either consciously or subconsciously be motivated to erase and or hide the meaning of what was articulated. Hence it is a form of immaturity in denial.

It is evidence of spoiled will attempting to deny reality through the use of verbal ability.

To use the word in other context would be.

  1. To smooth the surface of a highly defined artwork.
  2. To cause a highly defined and engineered structure to be faulted. (Evidence of the failure to apply the first do no harm concept?)
  3. To completely destroy the writings and history of a people.
  4. To cause a populous to become illiterate. “The Chicago was dearticulated by a heroin dealer insurrection from Mexico.” “The human race first became dearticulated by the wealthy and then extinct.”

Used in a sentence:

“Oliver the headmaster dearticulated everything I was going to say in my defense before I said it. And I was then indoctrinated into a life of thiefdom for that profiteer.”

“His mother dearticulated every concept of boyhood from him.”

"One race of people fostered the illegal immigration of a different language speaking race of people in order to dearticulate the strong principles of democracy and human freedom."

Can you spot the weak minded in politics dearticulating the meaning of what the strong minded said?  In effect it amounts to a statement of "I have money and power and there is nothing you can do about it."  Well yes there is and it is called wealth redistribution.

Why do we always take it for granted that close mindedness isn't really indicative of mental defect?
In that form dearticulation is really a blunt form expression of self hatred isn't it.

You can add it to your new dictionary courtesy of Thomas Paul Murphy.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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