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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Jackal's 08 06 2015 updated

Jackal's 08 06 2015

That is how I would describe the line up of Republican Presidential Candidates tonight.  What do I see as commonality?  Something of a sly wolf like look in the eyes.  Dark hair, shoulders slanted forward as if nerve damage at birth, squinting eye's concentrating on something prey like.

Additionally what I see is: Not timing your brain off of your own consciousness.

One more comment on foreign threats.  I believe that one jackal leader of one nation does not fear a jackal leader of another nation.  It is as if they hold all the good cards and keep passing them among themselves in a game of "When is it time to rattle the sabre and present a little threat to world politics?"

Jeb Bush sounded more Democratic.

Cruz made the comment that he would direct the IRS to persecute religious parity.

In terms of Political experience and Qualifications Carson had the most credit with me because of the surgeries he performed.  It shows me he had skills.  Does he still have them reliably if not it means he never really had them.

How they can brag about attacking the teachers union and cutting taxes I just don't get it; other than the fact that they don't believe that they have to appeal to the general American Public.  They should not be standing up there if they don't believe they are there to serve the public.

Jackal, if you look at that definition it includes Canine!  And that is exactly what Jesus Christ swore at the Canaanites!  He called them "Dog's"  Cane killing his brother Able because he had more skills and then Cane is killed by his own negligence as the house he built falls in on him.

Now let me tell you a little bit about how someone who hears voices experiences synchronicity.  So I missed the first part of the debate because I was in the garage stuffing glue in the holes of balsa wood baits that I had made for fishing.  I was using Loctite Powergrab and also Loctite x1 glue or something like that.  And I was using a long narrow spade screwdriver as a putty knife to pack it in these baits.  The Powergrab was old and didn't have enough moisture content to be spreadable and the x1 wasn't thick enough.  So it was an iterative process.  I finish that come inside the house and hear Scott Walker field a question.  He makes some comment about Putin being of an old line military defense.  You  push with the bayonet if you feel mush.  When you feel steel you stop.

The FBI stated that Putin has Asperger's?

Rand Paul's suit looked like it didn't fit.

Rubio gave us that same old spoiled privilege speech.  And did you see how big his ears were?  I know my father told me to never speak about people.  But when I hear voices that is what you get!  Rubio could have either flown or sailed away.  What gene is that down there in Cuba?

Chris Christie something about his father working at a bakery?

So another moment of humor.  I was driving in my car today and I thought.  I think it would be very funny if Jerry Sienfeld grew his hair long and pretended to be of a Fabio type personality.  For some reason I think that would be funny?

Interesting quote

"Samson tied torches to the tails of 300 foxes to make them destroy the vineyards of the Philistines.

Very interesting to note that Israel and Judah were separate countries.  And the Philistines were a vassal of Judah!  Also Samson, a leader of Israel,  grew strong because God had told his mother not to drink alcohol!  Samson very well indeed knew what the problem of Judah and the Philistines was.  And that is why he tied torches to the tails of 300 foxes to make them destroy the alcohol vineyards of the Philistines!


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