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Friday, August 7, 2015

Very Very interesting and insightful The Ancient Egyptians Didn't have MONEY 08 07 2015

Very Very interesting and insightful  The Ancient Egyptians Didn't have MONEY 08 07 2015

Satan being mentally retarded cannot exist in a world without money because he cannot hold his own mental weight!

The Bible tells us that Ancient Egypt and Israel were one.

And Israel was attacked by the Philistines who were Judeans.  Then Samson sent Dogs (back into) the philistines wine crops with torches lit on their tails to burn all their vineyards.  Alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere today.  And Wine has a much higher alcohol content than beer.  About 4x?

The first thing the Jews did when "freed" from Egypt was to get drunk and worship the Golden Hind.  Then after a while of wandering in the dessert they complained to Moses that at least they had fresh fish and meat in Egypt.  Remember their was no money in Egypt!  Evidence suggests that slaves did not build the pyramids but teams of dedicated pyramid builders.

Israel does not belong to the Jews it never did.  It was conquered by them?  The people who say that they always want to go back to Israel the way it was are those who still have some original Israel blood in them before the Judea invasion?

We know that that Israel did not have wine in it!  How?  There is a quote in the Bible about wine presses rolling in from Judea.  And the person warning the Israelites not to serve food that day.

A society that operates without money has to do so extremely efficiently.  There is no one to pay to take care of the mentally retarded?  No reason any teacher would ever have for having their human patience stretched to the limit by them.  No one hearing voices in their heads by that which cannot form its own human cognition.

A meritocracy?

I could live in Egypt or ancient Israel but not Judea.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015

But look at the mean thing that could be played out there.  A Rabbi doesn't like a young man or women that have married so instead of him saying that wine isn't Kosher for them to drink during conception he rules it okay.  And the woman has a mentally retarded child because of it?   It is called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Push alcohol on those who are smarter than you that you are dependent minded to so that you can open a doorway to their cognition and drive them insane with voices?  Then ask for money to heal them from it?  That's in the Bible too.  And Jesus knew how to cast demons out of people because he knew them by name.  The names of people.  Perhaps part of his tribe of disciples?

So if civilization cannot support the mentally retarded without money.  How long can it support them with it?  It is deferring the impact of that for more money isn't it!  We see it in money made while causing massive pollution to our environment.  I think there is something defective in that type of leadership.

Money is the root of all evil said Jesus Christ.  Remember that Egypt and Israel were one and Jesus came from Israel.  Money was knew.  And what did it roll in with?  The wine presses.

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