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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Football Philadelphia Eagles 39 versus Green Bay Packers 26 08 30 2015

Philadelphia Eagles 39 versus Green Bay Packers 26

So I just was able to watch a little of this game in passing by the den before I went out to tie some hair on lures and attempt to fix a computer. But in that brief moment what I saw was a Green Bay Packer player tackling but what appeared to be grabbing onto the groin or groin area. And here is the commentary on just that.

Criteria to be Banned from the NFL, have wealth redistributed and or Executed 08 30 2015

  1. Bear hug and body slam tackle.
  2. Pushing to the lower back.
  3. Grabbing of the groin. Either during tackle or at the bottom of a tackle pile.
  4. Poking of eye and or clawing of eye.
  5. Tackling by grabbing face mask or lower edge of helmet.
  6. Stomping on hands or other body parts.
  7. Attempting to break a leg or disjoint by twisting lower leg or twisting foot.
Getting the monkey out of civilization constructs.

  1. Elbows or fists to the throat.
  2. Putting in a headlock and rodeo twisting by the head to bring the body to the ground.
  3. Driving shoulder, head or other body part into the knee joint.
  4. Pulling down by ears or ripping at ears. (assuming not being played at professional level. And some boy's will be boys provisions will apply.
  5. Suffocation by piling on.

Provisions that might apply to other “professional” sports.

  1. Punching or blunt trauma to the kidneys or liver.
  2. Creating a blunt trauma force to the head.
  3. Kicking of head, groin; essentially any intentional kicking to the body. And to many kicks to the body establishes intent.

Seeing any of these activities at the Professional level deems it to be unprofessional. And hence non deserving of wealth attained. So this activity will necessitate wealth redistribution of professional athletes.

Also no athlete that worked their way up to the top using these methods should be allowed to prosper from the sport. So yes we can say, “This person did not compete fairly when they were younger and did not earn their way to that salary. They should not be involved in any aspect related to that profession.”

That isn't a professional at anything; he is a blue collar meat packer at best.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And don't try and make an argument with regard to boxing being worse. One could say that those are blue collar people and very well know the risks that are directly inherent in that sport. So you can hit someone in boxing but you can't bite them would be the start of that list. Also intentional low blows to the groin should not allow a boxer to rise to multimillion dollar status. We should have never had to put up with all that aggrandizement of bad attitude on television. That should never be how one goes from rags to riches in the United States. Why not? The lowest among us could easily resort to that and be promoted to positions in society whereby their influence had highly negative outcomes for humanity as a whole. And it has happened to this country already hasn't it. I am not going to point my finger at the weak race responsible for it. One could make the argument 'when entertainment is really a satanic insurrection.'

No human being should ever be made to hear voices so that 'a' cretins child (children) can "ape" human cognition.

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