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Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Pro-Life Movement is the most LIBERAL Agenda the United States has ever faced 08 15 2015

The Pro-Life Movement is the most LIBERAL Agenda the United States has ever faced 08 15 2015

Liberal meaning something costs a lot of money.

The Pro-Life movement wanting to create a pool of babies up for adoption?  They are only put up for adoption when the mother can't afford it because of socioeconomic reasons or the father was a low life.

So who adopts them?  The wealthy woman who is thought to be of better breeding stock because she has money.  But she needs to adopt a child because she is sterile from sleeping around with HPV's in high school and college.  If she could raise her own children she would have maintained her virtue if not her virginity.  Which means she isn't responsible.  And that makes it a liberal program.  Why?  Because being irresponsible means she can't raise that child's needs and attend to it.  That costs lots of money.  So how do the wealthy accomplish that false happiness?  Something called corporate welfare.

Not only that those babies are of a highly dubious nature!  How many have mental retardation from Down's syndrome, autism etc?  That makes it something a lot of money will need to be spent (and wasted) on!   That is liberal!

Allowing a woman to have a child who is not responsible to raise one is a liberal agenda!

And how many of those children in the adoption programs end up being abused by the wicked in foster homes and adoptive homes?  A high percentage of them.  So those parents are not adopting for love they are doing so for money break reasons.  The taxpayer paying an evil person to physically and emotionally abuse a child is beyond liberal; it is horrific!  It is unconscionable!

What did that kid I went to high school have on his computer? (He just got sentenced to 10 years in PRISON)  A million pornographic video's and images of child pornography?  And were any of those children from the above category?  Do you feel like vomiting at the site of a crooked Republican Candidates yet?  That is one million children that fell through the cracks.

And what does our Republican Party want to do?  Medicate all the people who they labeled mentally ill that fell through the cracks.

And how does that wealthy sterile woman raise her children?  She demonizes the human soul of a man by making it hear voices and splitting its mind among those children.  And being evil people gives them a sense of happiness in the world.  And how much does that artificially created mental illness cost this country?  Trillions!  Enough to bankrupt us and allow the above to burn the Constitution.

So they want a monarchy?  In a true monarchy only the King gets laid?  The rest get sterilized?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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