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Monday, August 24, 2015

FFL Laws

FFL Laws

Once you fill out that form if nothing has changed should you have to fill out that form the next time? Or should you just be able to state “Nothing has changed.”

And if nothing has changed why can't you purchase directly online and have it sent to your house? So what happens when you can't trust the person delivering the item? It means that they don't belong in the United States. There is indeed a directive that if you can't abide by the U.S. Constitution then you should be deported. We don't liberalize everything and create fraudulent concepts of mental illness just to appease that. We don't give that an easy life at the expense of the sanity of the legitimate!

If you have been granted a concealed carry permit why can't you have it sent just to your house? You have already been approved and very few are revoked!

What I am getting at is all this really accomplishes is it makes the purchase a lot more expensive for the American. The tax isn't going to the gov but the gun store!!! You are being taxed by the gun store.

The gun store is allowed to own machine guns and all manner of other things you can't either. But here is the problem with that. Have you ever been to one? Some of the employees are Hispanic and can't understand and English sentence. And it is the old temperamental sales tactic of pretending to answer a question when you don't know what the customer is talking about. So what does that foster? Nothing good for the United States.

Why do they want you to fill out that form every time you go in? Because they were hoosegowing you with voices the night before and they want to see if you still have the coherence to fill that out! Why? Because you are an American born with your own mind and raised to be independent with your own cognition.

And the problem is far worse than that. Ever go to an Italian restaurant and notice that the Italian working there doesn't know how to tabulate a bill so he just makes something up that is wrong?

Honest white Americans were not born to educate the wine merchants children or Tequila Joe, Vodka Putins or 6 pack Germans. They are already below our standard. These are the people that want to force women inseminated by them to keep that baby! It is very funny that all the Republicans are mostly white and it is policies like this that have made us the minority!

So we definitely have a big problem here that our leadership is to doped up to recognize.

I know exactly how this lower class of people (often with money) views women; I put myself through college working at a gas station.

And how many women are abused by that? And what happens when they go to buy a gun to protect themselves? They are preyed upon by that Gun Store owner! He is trying to upsell them to something that costs $1000.00 when indeed a fixed barrel 45 for less than $200 is far more accurate than a tilt wobble barrel 1911 configuration. That or that filth want's to intone that a person does not have the competence to have a gun! Just the opposite is true! People are victimized for their greater intelligence!

This is exactly why the internet was created! So that we can bypass all that ilk!

The one thing that isn't on that form that should be is, “Has your name changed since birth.” “If so list prior complete first, middle and surnames.” A person ought to be able to do that. And so a woman has to remember the surname of the loser she married? Amen! Teaches people not to marry losers.

Do you know what the real motivation is behind all gun control? If the revelation were ever to be made that people who hear voices in their heads are made to do so by the mentally defective...let's put it this way; it is Satan's greatest fear! It was indeed those very Freedoms that saved it in WWII.

Do you know what is very schizophrenic?  Those Presidents that pretended to be the toughest around were the ones who instituted polices of gun control in the United States!  At the same exact time they sent the bravest of us to Wars and military conflicts.  And those Wars led to more low grade imbecile immigrants arriving on our shores.  What is that process that unfolded?  The mentally defective wealth class finding great commonality with the poor that cannot learn.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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And FFL is a Federal Firearms License.  All gun stores have them.  And if you want to buy a gun online you need to have it sent to an FFL.  And it costs about $50 to do that!  What should the cost of doing that be?  Just the cost of shipping!  $5.  So it might take up employee time?  Well then how about being able to pick that up at a post office or BATF center for nothing!  It is pseudo transfer of government authority to the gun store?  Again who have Hispanic employees that do not understand an English sentence.

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