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Friday, August 14, 2015

Jimmy Carter has Cancer 08 14 2015

Jimmy Carter has Cancer 08 14 2015

So a good friend of my mothers died of cancer a while back.  Just the other day I asked her if she had ever had a job.  And here is what she told me....."She worked at a plastic factory.  In the office."
In the office doesn't make any difference to me than is she was on the floor herself.  That indoor air quality is terrible.

I hate all plastics.  I hate plastic worms.  I hate plastic knobs that break.  I hate plastic latches that break.  I hate every single plastic box and basket that eventually breaks.  I extremely hate plastic bottles.  I hate little plastic clips that break right apart in your fingers.  I hate the smell of plastic like it is a toxic war chemical weapon gas.  I hate plastic that has faded to white and you know it will break.  I can't stand plastic garbage cans.  I hate those plastic shopping bags.

Now am I in trouble from oil hence plastic man George Bush for hate speech?

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