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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

On Planned Parenthood 08 13 2015

On Planned Parenthood 08 13 2015

Don't like a Government program?  Easy evil fix.  Hire some bad people to staff it and screw it up to ruin.  It is what should be termed "previously unrecognized treason."  "PUT" for short? (Off topic: "We took a PUT out on the United States?"

Don't like the United States Constitution?  Easy fix!  Keep the nation at war.  Monopolize the money until it is ruined.  Propagandize drugs and genetic abnormalities as normal.

Don't like human beings because you don't have the ability to think like one?  Easy fix.  Give them great attrition and stress and Discredit them and put them on psychiatric drugs?

Don't like it that the American has physical work skills you don't?  Easy fix have all that labor done in foreign countries where employees can be beaten.  Gives meaning to your own disability doesn't it!

Seriously?  War?  Who in their right mind would fight to preserve a Banking and Financial industry that committed fraud for profits whereby Americans lost their homes?  Who would die for someone like that?

They live in their own world of glamorized money and hatred of humanity.  You see them on the covers of financial magazines.  "I made a billion dollars last year by rigging the London Interbank Offer Interest rate and creating the mortgage crisis."...."I am the worlds richest investor because I helped maintain the credit rating, through my reputation and common stock ownership, of companies whose products created cancer and diabetes."

"Our enemies.  Our enemies.  Our enemies!  As President I promise to take us to War with Iran!"  War-Locks like that ought to be rounded up and tried for treason against the United States.  Our Constitution has clauses in it to keep us free from War but they are not being adhered to.

They are all part of the same freak club which has its basis of commonality in abnormal human genetics.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 08 13 2015 at: www.themilwaukeeandwisconsinnews.blogspotcom


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