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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Every pack of Cigarette's should include the following warning 08 29 2015

Every pack of Cigarette's should include the following warning 08 29 2015

16% of all lung cancer deaths from tobacco are from second hand smoke.

Or 16% of those who die from  lung cancer death due to tobacco do not themselves smoke.

Do you really love your children?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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When I see men trying to look cool smoking I think or mutter under my breath, "He can't think without a d1ck in his mouth."

Scott Walker ahs been Governor of Wisconsin for how many years?  And his wife works in something related to lung cancer?  Very odd that we don't see any new policies from him related to this?  It means:

1.  He doesn't listen to his wife.
2.  His wife just has that and it is just considered a job.  Why?  Because she can not influence him, in his position of power, to prevent further deaths.

One starts to wonder why should either of them be paid?  They do not appear to be acting in correspondence with the belief system required for their jobs.

I want to somehow blame this on England.  And also on Scott Walker having English descent.  But I can't quite make the premise connection.

When were mass production cigarette machines produced.
Who gets the money from them.
What did it have to do with WWII and WWI.
What are the EXACT birth defects from tobacco.
Was tobacco responsible for the fall of Egypt?
What forms of mental retardation does a baby exposed to tobacco have.
What is the mortality rate of a child of a tobacco user.
How likely is the son or daughter of a tobacco user likely to be an addict too.
What family surnames own the tobacco plantations.

It would seem to me with all the claimed research power in the United States that someone would think to research these things and document them.  They just view people as pieces of meat?  Because they are the mentally defective children of tobacco users themselves?  An intelligent human being would be a great threat to them the world over.

If we actually had responsible adult leadership in this country a warning like that would be on the label of every pack of cigarettes.  This is not a country of men today!

We also know that it causes arthritis. 

Could a tobacco company really pay for all the disability costs that it incurred?  Never.  It my world of personal accountability rather than limited liability it means that they have not earned any of their money.  And because they did not truly earn their money it should be taken from them and redistributed.

And the same goes to alcohol producers.

Do you see how one point of view is pro-humanity while the current entrenchment isn't?

And what happens when some old curmudgeon loses his wife due to cancer from tobacco?  He doesn't ever want to blame his own smoking for it!  He has to blame someone else in this world.  Who does he blame?  The person labeled schizophrenic in medical fraud.  But what is all this indicative of?  A spoiled belief system!  When one cannot attribute cause accurately to effect they have a spoiled belief system.  But not only is it closed minded; it is also mentally defective.  And mentally defective is the exact same thing as criminal minded.


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