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Friday, August 21, 2015

How Antipsychotic's were Really Developed 08 21 2015

How Antipsychotic's were Really Developed 08 21 2015

A real Doctor would publicly say:

“This” should not be on your grocery store shelves.

“This” should not be in your water.

“This” should not be in the air you breath.

He would not say;

“The person who believes those things should be put on a modified narcotic.”

So how were anti-psychotics really developed?

They analyzed opiates and other substances for their ability to zombify the human mind. Then in the presence of a born and raised whore they gave those substances to a man. And they then asked the born and raised whore, “Can you still hear this man thinking?”

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Forget about the FDA and the EPA looking our for you.  Those .Gov ops need to be defunded and replaced with a militia.  A militia is guarantied by our Constitution. 

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