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Monday, August 24, 2015

So how many people in the United States are of Christ based Religions and how do we know it is fraud 08 24 2015

So how many people in the United States are of Christ based Religions and how do we know it is fraud 08 24 2015

Probably at least half of the United States are of Christ based religions.  But how do we know that they don't really believe in it?  You can walk into any store and see Basketball, Football and Baseball Jersey's for sale of the names of Ryan Braun and Aaron Rodgers (sp?)

Ever go into a store and see a T Shirt of Jesus Christ for sale?

How quickly would your son or daughter get beat up if they wore a shirt like that?  Fairly quickly!  They don't really believe in him!  Would that kid who was expelled from public schools and his father then had to pay to send him to a private school (religious) at least insult him?  Demean him?  Brag that his father bought him a Packers Jersey and call him a Jesus freak?  I believe it would happen that way.

And what does the bar woman/mother know?  She knows that she wouldn't even want to put her child to the test in that manner!  They might even call him a queer.  Might even molest and rape him and then call him a queer.  Same mindless hatred they had for Christ.  But that bar woman knows something different than a straight laced girl raised peacefully on a farm doesn't she.  She doesn't believe in Christ at all!  Good God just listen to them talk!  They were not raised to believe in God!  For all the religion in this country it doesn't show up in women's vocabulary.  Why not?  Because they are really promoting the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere; alcohol.  And what you hear from that bar woman is the result of that!  So the religion has a very evil side to it that we don't dare talk about!

So if you mentioned that evil side of the religion to a priest what would his response be?  It would be like the W.C. Fields response, "Get out of here kid your bothering me."  Same response you get when you ask your college University auditing Professor to many questions.  In fact you are like to hear that cursing kind of response in your head as nausea for the rest of your life.  But we don't dare assert it isn't us cursing ourselves!  No we don't get to define ourselves as naturally happen.  It is really us cursing us, isn't it.  No it isn't!

In fact it used to be a criteria for defining someone to have mental illness.  --Believing that they were Jesus Christ, which really equates to wanting to be like Jesus Christ.  So if you wore a shirt like that you could be defined to be mentally ill.  So here the vineyard dog chases its tail again.  What do I mean by that?  I read somewhere that the Catholic Church was supporting the practice of Psychiatry.  What does that really then mean?  It means that if you go to church and believe in Jesus Christ the Catholic Church believes you should be put on a modified narcotic psychiatric medicine. Tell me who is screwed up?

Watching their actions and initiatives is like watching rat scrambling in a maze, to no avail.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Today was my fathers birthday.  God bless him.

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