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Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Hidden and Destructive Influence of Organized Crime in the United States 08 16 2015

The Hidden and Destructive Influence of Organized Crime in the United States 08 16 2015

And by hidden I do mean coward.

So I go out to breakfast and as I am driving home I have to go to the bathroom. So I stop at a public park hoping to find a rest room. I end up having to cross a bridge on a river and there 50 yards in the distance is a blue portable restroom. You know the ones that are shaped like a telephone booth. In total I walked 150 yards to get there.

But not less then 30 feet from that blue plastic portable restroom is a old brick building that had two rest rooms in it. One for male and one for female. They have been boarded up and locked for about as long as I can remember and I am 48 years old. I live in a suburb of Milwaukee Wisconsin USA by the way. And 40 yards from that brick rest room building was another brick rest room building boarded up and locked. With blue plastic portable bathrooms near it.

So why are they boarded up? Because you can't use one without fear of being raped, sexually molested, dealt drugs to?

But who makes money from managing those blue plastic portable rest rooms? The waste management business. And what did that Sicilian man I worked for who had connections in New York tell me? “That is a deep rooted organization.” He meant Mafia; organized crime.

I just want all that filth out of here. Doesn't belong here and never did!

So lets examine that fear of being victimized like that a little more and see where its origins are and who is making money from it? There were 8,000 accusations of Roman (means Italian) Catholic Church priest sexual molestations in Milwaukee alone! Did I just connect organized crime to the Catholic Church? Without a doubt! No doubt in my mind.

So when those public park buildings are big enough what is the other money motivation at play? They sell them to Italian owned restaurant organizations to open restaurants in. Never need mention that they all used to be public facilities that benefited the public in every way.

And I think I did a pretty good job of articulating how they fell into the hands of businessmen?

Is this racism? Not at all! Loathing a criminal organization of one family, race network, whatever is not racism! It is your civic duty!

Don't ever threaten my right to free speech in any way either.

What is that which desires to fondle the same sex as above? That is a homosexual.

Now the Irish were hated in the United States. Not all Irish are the same today. Some have been miscegenated by the English gene. Some are the sons and daughters of drunks likely to have mental retardation in some form. Some might even carry genetic abnormalities from the potato fungus they “New York and England” poisoned Ireland with. The Irish fought on the side of the Union in the Civil War. Do you know what their battle cry was?

So we learn from our parents to wash our hands after going to the bathroom. We know that is proper sanitary behavior. You know the kind that doesn't spread germs and disease; some of which cause mental retardation. And there is only one way they teach someone with mental retardation anything. They traumatize a human soul; and the victims are stigmatized with the label schizophrenia. So there is no where to wash your hands in that portable blue plastic rest room. You look down and what you see is nauseating. This is what bad religion did to the United States. And we need to put it in its place once and for all for good.

And you will get an allergic reaction itch to the germs combined with the disinfect after you touch anything in there.

Why did they put the religious clause in the Constitution? So that we would never be subjected to tyranny or divine right! You can believe what you want but you don't dare tell me what I can't believe in. That changed in 1932 with FDR and psychiatry. That changed with George Bush and his unconstitutional anti free speech laws. The way that a righteous person would interpret that Constitutional clause would be. “You can cry wolf all you want, but when the sum total of your crimes is insurmountable, you will be severely punished for them as a matter of public policy!” It means that the Constitution's Laws and justice Supersedes ANY and ALL religious beliefs. But those who were networked into our Justice system willfully and negligently contort the meaning of the laws that establish and preserve freedom.

Am I the only one who doesn't believe we should have ever got to this point? And being the only one I suppose I am supposed to take the cross for the rest of you? It isn't going to happen! In a new world order the right people are going to be taking the cross!

I don't find a big lipped pizza slopping baboon mouthed person endearing and never will. The name for it is Aspergers?

If I don't like you I can and will articulate exactly why; and you will hate me even more for it! And I have been hated for that ability all my life. To be hated because you can articulate why you don't like someone?  That is the equivalent of hating a human beings ability to communicate.  How are we left to define that which hates a human beings ability to communicate?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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