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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Community Insurance Program 08 05 2015

Community Insurance Program 08 05 2015

We need to take the profit out of insurance.  Those companies only accumulate great debt balances on their balance sheets, for their personal salaries, incomes and expenses,  which the taxpayer pays for when they are folded into banks and the banks go bankrupt.  Why allow that person to buy a mansion and two luxury cars when you end up paying for it 70 years down the road because the cost was borrowed and deferred to you John Q. Public?

A Community Insurance Program would be one where the taxpayer doesn't support the profit of the insurance salesman or company!  That takes a great amount of cost out of the Country!

Lightning hits your house and burns it down, the community pot pays for it.

However if you are a narcotic user and the same happens it does not apply.

Community insurance would not pay for cancer caused by known cancerous substances such as tobacco and alcohol.

That is the gist of it.

Community members that are not capable of building a new house for you after yours is destroyed by lightning may or may not receive the community insurance?  There is a definition of equality in that.

Very interesting here!  Because insurance companies can deny certain people coverage at will.  However Government function is being transferred to them.  Which means what?  A standard of inequality is being put forth on the American Public through this process.  And that is a highly subjective standard!  It is a lesser standard of equality too because it victimizes the real men who minds are in high demand because they hear voices!  And that is effemination?  There are some societies where the women do ALL the work.  They are governed by men.  But they don't complain because it gives them a sense of control.  The stripper at the night club doesn't complain either because she has a sense of control?  What am I getting at here?  How low women will stoop if they grant themselves a belief in a sense of control that isn't justified?  And who they victimize in order to feel a sense of empowerment in a world of men who have on average a 10% larger brain size?  They also victimize real women with the affliction of voices too, don't they!  So it really isn't effemination it is animalization?  The Animalization of the human species?  Now that is a horror!

And it would be Community Insurance under the Union!  None of this my state needs to break away business.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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