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Monday, August 10, 2015

The Observer that suffers from a Life Long Delusion that they are also the Observed 08 10 2015

The Observer that suffers from a Life Long Delusion that they are also the Observed 08 10 2015

And hence they do not need to develop the skills to procure a living for themselves.  Because they believe themselves to be a part of the Observed any and all Intellectual property of the Observed belongs to them.

The reality is that it all belongs to the Observed.

But the Observer can't seem to comprehend that!  Why not?  Because it would be a self fatal epiphany.

How do we define it securely?  Because the Observer never contributes to the Observed.  The Observer only knows how to distract the Observer to claim when it must then abandon as its own.  The Observer is not part of the Observed because the Observer does not contribute the Observed in a Constructive manner.    Creation versus Destruction.  The Observer's second Delusion then is that by destroying or attempting to destroy the works of the Observed it is contributing to the Observed; because the Observer then has to struggle harder to compensate for the Observer.  The necessitation of having to compensate for the Observer means the Observer is not one of us in Equality.  Cooperation is what has been stated to advance the human race.  The Observer lacks Cooperation and hence is a regression species.  The Observer believes distraction means Cooperation.  But that is really again a mental defect of the Observer not being able to have patience to listen and learn.  The Observer does not want to learn from the Observed.  Because that defines a reality of hierarchy that defeats its false sense of self.  The Observers third flaw.  This translates into the Observer believing it knows things.  The reality is that it doesn't have the depth of understanding of the Observed.  Why not?  Because the pride from achievement and confidence from it come from the mental and physical interaction as one relies on oneself to master a skill.  And part of the Observed self reliance in self development came from knowing when to ask a question.  But the Observer does not ask questions of the Observed.  So whatever knowledge the Observer obtains is always incomplete.  The Observer doesn't ask questions because they reveal that the Observer is many levels lower than it should be.  Hence that would be the Observers 4th flaw.  It hates itself because of its own ignorance and is too ashamed to admit that; as a new starting point.

Hence what the Observer learns from Observing is based on a false premise structure and invalid as to human application.  In other words it has no knowledge it can apply.  ~It medicates itself with recreational drugs of escapism that cause further mental retardation while at the same time it attempts to coerce the Observed to take psychiatric drugs.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Articulation of why the Observed doesn't like the Observer leads to other acts of violence against the Observed.  And the Observer then leads a lifetime of stress and anger.  And projections of that are detrimental to the human race; which is essentially the Observed. Its self hatred arising from its denial of it not being the Observed.  One could therefore equate spoiled nature with mental defect. 

Hence it seeks management positions in life.  Why?  Because it would be dangerous for it to follow its own advice.  But you following its advice serves many of its mal purposes; doesn't it!

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