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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Should Participants and Profiteers in a Violent Professional Sport be allowed to have guns 11 01 2015

Should Participants and Profiteers in a Violent Professional Sport be allowed to have guns 11 01 2015

When is Gun Control not really gun control but the confiscation of weapons is defeating an Insurrection?

If we apply current gun control laws to their full meaning it means that those who are participant and profiteers in a violent professional sport should not be allowed to have guns.  Just as a person who is convicted of domestic violence cannot.

Professional sports really is a fantasy world.

Are people injured in professional sports by violent actions with violent intent?  Yes!  Without a doubt.  Should anyone who is a player, participant of profiteer from it be singled out to be exempt from it?  I would assert no!

Are billions of dollars made from it in gambling operations?  Without a doubt!

Are the house odds in those events set by using perfect information from a human beings soul that is being displaced in time space via voices?  I will assert that is true.  I will assert that it has cost the United States economy trillions of dollars and that it threatens human freedom worldwide!

I am about as 100% no gun control as it gets.  However because I hear voices that prevent me from using my own mind it means we have an insurrection in the United States that has to be subdued.

And did you see the temper flare of the quarterback from the winning team tonight?  That is how happy winning makes him?  These are people who are a little different from the rest of us.  I would have no problem confiscating their guns and sending them to a penal colony.

Either that or you have to give back every gun of everyone who is free that was convicted of domestic violence.  I view some Professional sports as domestic violence.  Football, Basketball, Soccer, baseball (intentional beaming of a human being with a projectile and bench clearing brawls)  And just look at how many of those famous 'Professional Athletes" have indeed used guns to kill people.  There are quite few.  So one asks "It is the hypocrite that can't fairly and universally apply their own laws?"

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