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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Store Owner Compensation diverts Educational Lottery money into Business 11 01 2015

Store Owner Compensation diverts Educational Lottery money into Business 11 01 2015

Store Owner Compensation diverts Educational Lottery money into Business.  The figure for private business compensation is 5.82% of proceeds of 2011 sales of $506.2 million dollars which equals= $29.4 million going to business and being diverted from education.  Could the school system use those $29.4 million educational dollars?  Yes.

But more importantly it can amount to an insurrection against the United States.  An immigrant family makes a portion of those proceeds and then uses that very same money to open a private school that competes with the public school system!  And subjective grading and racial based negative expectations for normal American children follow.

2010=480.9*.0582,=$27.9 million dollars
2009=473.4*.0582,=$27.55 million dollars
2008=494.7*.0582,=$28.8 million dollars
2007=492.5*.0582,=$28.6 million dollars

That is welfare to business diverted from education.

It is also welfare to business owners diverted from teacher parent families.

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By the way, Rabbi is the word for Teacher!

A Commonwealth was meant to be a meritocracy based on intelligence and not who could enslave the other members of a community the quickest.  A democracy is not sustained by pre arranged marriages not based on love.

Nor is it based on who can learn how to be the biggest wiccan in High School and College.

A lot of the bad things that have happened in Wisconsin coincided with Tommy Thompson and Doyle as Governors and the founding of the Italian Community Center in Milwaukee?

What has that welfare to business money been lobbying for?  What has Indian Gaming money been lobbying for?

Days will come when the only one who goes to college is the learning disability High School foot ball quarterback.  And the coach says' to him, "You don't need to go to classes anymore.  Let's just go have a good Wisconsin beer again today!"

Could those business's receiving that ~$29 million a year collude to open their own private schools?(business's) Would their children intentionally have behavior problems in order to defeat public education.

If entire streets in United States cities are unsafe for people to drive on (thru traffic) then perhaps all those people need to be rounded up and deported.  Bad apples!  Bad apples seeding more bad apples!  Enough!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Originally published on 11 01 2015 at:

The last thing you ever want is a lawyer becoming a teacher!  Why not?  Because those who would have true teacher qualities are weeded out from being lawyers by harassment and hazing in college (wiccan behavior).

That Indian Gaming money is your marijuana legalization lobby?  The money is being spent on marketing campaigns?  And what was England's ties to the Native American population?  That is part of the reason for the United States Declaration of Independence.  And who founded those big tobacco companies that took slaves on plantations in the south and east?  Was it not the English?  And who spread the limited liability in the U.S. if not for English opiate family money FDR?  And who made money by getting people hooked on the modern cigarette tobacco in the wars?  Should a corporation be allowed to lobby at all?  I think that is Constitutionally illegal!  Because they are operating under Divine Right because of limited liability and Divine Right is the equivalent of a Title of Nobility, and per the United States Constitution it is illegal to grant a title of Nobility in the United States.

We are trusting and honest people and we were easy pickings for these beasts.

Both the lottery and the Corporate business structure offer false and unrealizable hope to the average American, as does that patent system and the stock market, etc, etc.

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