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Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Good Butcher would have always asked you when you are buying ground beef 01 30 2016

A Good Butcher would have always asked you when you are buying ( a pound of) ground beef  01 30 2016

"Would you like me to roughly form that into three 1/3 pound hamburger patties, separated by two layers of wax paper each, at no additional charge to you?"

He would have indeed added the German grammatical qualifier, "At no additional charge to you."

There are no good butchers today!

Instead the standard today is that when you ask them to do something different you can see them  gasp for air like a fish out of water and look like they need an immediate cigarette to calm their emotions.

Likewise a good fish market operator would also ask you, "Would you like a sprinkle of Rosemary on this fish to help prevent freezer burn, at no additional price to you."

Somehow the standard of service has become extremely low.  Why?  They don't attain happiness from the positive experience of servicing a customer, instead for them it comes from alcohol, cigarettes, and now marijuana and other narcotics.

No matter how old they are they can't fake that gasping for air and need of a cigarettes response because they don't like having to work for a customer.  Who do they think pays their bills?  The money doesn't come out of fat Loui's butt does it!

And did you notice that they have a predatorily way of servicing the customer?  When you need help they are nowhere to be found, as if they are running away from the challenge of having to answer a question and point out directions in a store if not take you right there.  When you don't need help they are all aglow like they are auditioning for a part on television in order to be made famous.

This could be called a Roman/Judea legacy detriment to our economy?

They don't want to be there do they!  So where do they want to be?  They want to be queering around in a man's head don't they!

Actually no matter what business it is in Milwaukee it is like they can't wait for you to leave the store; so that they can then form a circle join hands, dance around and sing "Who stole the Keishka"  again like they did when they were children.  They don't mature into adulthood do they!

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