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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Sunday Sunday Preaching and Bible Study by Thomas Paul Murphy

Sunday Sunday Sunday Preaching and Bible Study by Thomas Paul Murphy

1 Corinthians 5 Moral Disorders. (Alcohol and the Bible Blog entry)

Per the Bible you are not to associate or even eat with someone who is a drunkard! Nor are you to associate with or eat with anyone who is a immoral, greedy, an idolater, a slanderer or a robber.

Ever go to a lunch or dinner in a Church Cafeteria or see the beer locked in the fridge there? Ever hear someone drink and get lathered up in their speech? You are not to eat with or associate with them! Even if it the very priest himself!

Lets go through them one by one.

Immoral being defined by me as someone who has children out of wedlock and does not father them!  So long Catholic Pro Life movement!

Greedy: Someone who takes more than they deserve. Such as a professional football player? Off topic. For all the extracurricular trouble that professional athletes are known to get into I would like to have at least one Sunday paper sports section of every local paper in the country publish a section; Here is where they live! This is a photograph of every house that they own! That I would like to see! Perhaps that is neighborhood I would not want to move into!

An Idolater: Someone who worships false gods or the unrighteous. Someone who believes in the strength or talents of other people more than their own!! There I said it. I think of the High School snots who idolized Bruce Jenner; now known as Caitlin Jenner.

Slanderer: Someone who say's something untrue about other people! And that my friends is everyone who propagandized and promoted that a person with schizophrenia has an illness rather than they are victimized by hags and hags sons!

Robber: To me that is a person who works for a bank and profited from the mortgage fraud.

Do you want to know something? This has been my natural belief system all my life!

Do you know why you are not to associate with them? Because they are persona incarnate of someone that would demonize you!

And what does the Bible say should be done to those who commit incest? “You are to deliver this man to Satan for the destruction of his flesh!” In regards to a son sleeping with his mother!


1 Corinthians 1:18 This one is pure Satanism posing as religion! You can't get more satanic than the following verse. “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and the learning of the learned I will set aside!” Sound like what happens to a person diagnosed with schizophrenia? You bet it does!


Romans 12 is a drunken Roman trying to seem like he has wisdom.

“....I tell everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than one ought to think, but to think soberly...” It goes on and is actually pretty self condemning as to the intelligence of the person who wrote it. Rambling on about all being parts of a body...essentially a communist principle of not having personal responsibility.


Romans Chapter 3 This is a pretty good description of Satan and condemnation of him.

“Their throats are open graves;

they deceive with their tongues;

the venom of asps is on their lips:

their mouths are full of bitter cursing. (Sound familiar person like me who hears voices?)

Their feet are quick to shed blood. (This sounds like condemnation of the oriental marshal arts, Saul who was Paul was from the orient.)

ruin and misery are in their ways. (What does it mean? It means that even after they ruin a person that person is still in their way!!!! Sound familiar person who is demonized by voices?)

and the way of peace they know not!”


Punishment of Idolaters Romans 1.

“Although they now the just decree of God that all who practice such things deserve death, not only do they do them but give approval to those who practice them.” To me this sounds like a “professional” boxer continuing to do well after he bit off his opponents ear. It is our media's failure to condemn those who should be condemned.

“Instead they became vain in their reasoning , and their senseless minds were darkened.” Does this sound a lot like Ronald Reagan developing Alzheimer? Does it sound a lot like the current lineup of Political candidates war mongering? How many of the vain will to end up having darkened minds as is Alzheimer’s? Count on it! The danger is that you love to vote for it and empower it!


Acts 19: 13 and Act 19:19 tells of how the Jews practiced Witchcraft!!!

Some Jewish Exorcists tried to invoke the name of Jesus Christ to remove a demon from someone. I believe that the way they did it or the message they were trying to convey was that the person would be crucified like Jesus Christ was.

They were not able to exorcize that demon! That person overpowered a great many of them! The Jews ended up burning books on the practice of “magic” after that! And became devoted to the teachings of Jesus Christ. The value of the “magic” books that they burnt was at 50,000 pieces of silver!!!


Now I am getting into why Jesus was not a savior and the Jews don't believe he was the messiah today either as I do not.

Acts Chapter 18:

A man named Apollos started to preach like Jesus Christ but then two women took him aside and explained the word of God and he toned it down. (Priscilla and Aquila.) But before Jesus was crucified his family tried to come and take him aside too but they were not able to. We are not told what Priscilla or Aquila said or did. But the message is still the same? God is really a woman demonizing you? That voice you hear is really one of them? Did they pleasure him to shut him up? What do we learn that the Covenant with God is? It is circumcision! I will indeed provide you with the chapter and verse that tells of that! That is Romans chapter 7:8. They never seem to tell you what those covenants are; but here they do!

Interestingly enough I have heard voices for over 25 years now. One day I walked into Church, Holy Family Parish Whitefish Bay WI. Father Dirks was greeting people. He bellied laughed like HR Puffing-stuff as he looked at me and then said to some fellow parishioners “Someone ought to suck him off!”

Acts 12

Okay my belief has been that the Romans were Christians because it is called the Roman Catholic Church. However that history isn't true. King Herod persecuted Christians because. This is very interesting and I just read it but some Angel (spy?) freed Peter and did so passing in front of many guards.

Acts 9

Did Saul really only convert to Christianity because it was a way to infiltrate the Jewish belief system? Saul drove priests out of the church and killed them. He was blinded for three days. During those three day's did he contrive to be a spy posing as a Christian? Blind for three days? Doesn't it really mean that someone got to him and poisoned him? But Adolph Hitler was temporarily blinded to by mustard gas in WW1. Interesting isn't it.

John 9 tells you that a blind person is used to demonize human beings to make them hear voices and displace their minds so that the devil can see their works.


From Matthew 27 what do we learn that his disciples did with the bars of silver given to him for his hand over and death?

THEY USED IT TO BUY A CEMETARY FIELD! They got into what stock research analysts today call THE DEATH BUSINESS!


Mark 14

Mary at the city of _______ marked him for death with very expensive funeral oil!

(Off topic: Cognitive Countermeasure to hearing voices “Please God don't let my child be born a brain dead idiot.”)


What was the mark of Cane? It had to be the same as the mark Jesus received per Thomas witness. Thomas stated I will not believe Jesus was resurrected from death until I see the marks on his wrist and legs from the nails. (John 20: 24-28) And there appeared a man with those marks! They never found the body of Jesus. We are told that his cross had a seat. Also we are told that he was executed during and eclipse. He was ministered to after... He had to have died on that cross and then been resurrected. Today we know it as resuscitated! Or CPR!

Cane was stated to have been marked too. What had that mark had to have been? The same as Jesus received? Died and resuscitated. Now that sounds real odd and impossible doesn't it? That they would kill someone and then resuscitate them? That is exactly what the Black Vondoon religion is! So what we are seeing here is a horror like you have never known it taught to you before! "side note That is what some Minnesotans accused the Jews of the Horrific Purple Gang of acting like; n1gg3rs?"

What moral do I draw from Cane and Jesus? “You are either a builder or you are part of the structure!” So if you are demonized by voices take up as many crafts as you can! You likely have a natural ability!

But what does this speak of? Where the corruption and evil in the church comes from? It is part of the religion?

Jesus is of the lineage of Matthias. I read somewhere that Matthias could cure someone who is riddled with demons. Today we know that as a Schizophrenic someone that hears the voices of the demonic. And the Bible is fairly clear on this, the only way that they can cure you of demons is if they are participatory in the cause. Now the Bible tells us more about this as you will see in just a little bit!

The Constitution and Schizophrenia

To force medicate you violates your right to freedom of religion. Religion means a belief system. Your religion being your belief in yourself!


John Chapter 15 tells of how a person with schizophrenia has a reduction in gray matter.

“He takes away every branch in me that does not bear fruit, and everyone that does he prunes so that it does bear more fruit.”

That is satanic indoctrination and a crime against humanity. It is also anti evolutionary! Regressive to the age of wandering fat pear shaped hipped mindless dinosaurs.

A recurrent theme is the Jews accusing Jesus Christ of wrongdoing and him giving about the same reply.

A Kingdom divided cannot stand. It is his way of saying I am a thief and so are you so shut up or we are all in trouble.

The rest to be articulated later.


But one of the most prophetic things Jesus said with regard to alcohol yes alcohol and his holy spirit was in Matthew 26:39 and Matthew 26:42

“My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me; yet not as I will, but as you will.”

I believe what that means is that when one drinks alcohol their Holy Spirit is no longer Holy. Jesus Christ is indeed postulating that question to God?

erroneously changed to?:

“My Father, if it is not possible that this cup pass without my drinking it, your will be done.

Matthew 12:24

John 20

Mark 8 You are the Messiah.

Matthew 23

Matthew 15:26

The Jews asked Jesus for a sign. What did he tell them?


What is the sign of Jonah? ~

He told them I like like Jonah who was swallowed by a whale and survived! It is his way of saying he was demonized and heard voices and survived? In other words, listen you know as well as I who drives people insane, metaphor of being swallowed by a whale equivalent to being targeted by a coven and inundated with cursing voices in your head!

It was his way of telling them to get lost and don't come back!

Mark 12

Preach and drive out demons.

Copyright 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 01 10 2016 at: www.themilwaukeeandwisconsinnews.blogspot

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