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Friday, August 1, 2014

Meth Labs in the Forest Unconstitutional Gun Laws and German Carp 08 01 2014

Meth Labs in the Forest Unconstitutional Gun Laws and German Carp 08 01 2014

In the last issue of the Wisconsin DNR magazine it told of how to look out for the signs of portable meth labs while on public hunting grounds.  It said the best advice is to back out of the area and call the authorities.
But what if as you are backing up out of the area you come across the freaks who were of the meth lab?   Now when I go hunting I like to get deep into the forests in far out places.  I can tell you already that I am not about to be someone’s girlfriend out in the forest.
Now those drug lords who sell drugs have modified machine guns with full auto capability!  The Constitution of the United States has the second amendment in place so that there will NEVER be any form of gun control for this very reason!
So lets say a man like me modifies his gun so it has full auto capability because he likes to hunt in these places and the warden or sheriff asks to inspect it?  He is cited with a felony weapons violation!  He has never been convicted of any crime in his life nor has he been a user of any illegal narcotic or drug!  I am telling you that he has committed no crime!  That second amendment is there so that there was never to be any form of gun control.
Imagine if your foe was from the British Navy at the beginning of the Civil War or revolutionary War.  Their eyes were sunken because they were born from a miscarriage due to pine tar being used to treat the rigging ropes on their ships and their hands were stained yellow from it too.  Imagine you are coming up against that same odd wax dripping face odd person in the Civil War?  Someone who beat and whipped black slaves so that they would work for them.  “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes!” really meant that a Union solder could tell that was a different type of human; a mean freak born to fetal alcohol syndrome related to whiskey or pirates rum!  Like it or not that is why we have our second amendment in place!  And that amendment cannot be changed!  Nor do any gun laws that might have been created to it bear any relevance to it whatsoever!  It was put in place to negate them and any future gun laws for the entire future!  It cannot be changed!  And all gun laws we have today are illegal because of that second amendment!  Either that criminal is reformed when he leaves prison and you give him his gun back or he doesn’t leave prison!   And a lot of this can be decided the day he goes in that he will never be able to leave so why not execute him?  He can never be reformed to live among those who can safely own guns as our Constitution Guaranties!  Now you are not going to like this next part, but because that cannot be changed and you don’t like guns it means you don’t change the United States it means you have to leave the United States! 
You are not going to expect us to hunt where meth freaks are without full auto capability.  Now your chutzpa mother might not have any problem with you being a homosexual but you have no right to apply that belief to the rest of us!  You might even be complacent with the idea of being a homosexual because you were sodomized and therefore think it isn’t that bad.  So you would have the sons of legitimate Americans go hunting out where your freak children are earning a little extra buck by cooking up zombie creating drugs that ruin Americans lives?  We got some of our Gun laws from FDR before the start of WWII of all times!!!!  FDR’s family money came from the opiate trade with China.  It is stated that the reason that children get hooked on heroin (and likely die from it) is due to prescribing prescription opiate pain relievers to them!  Now I have had back pain for 4 years now and I wouldn’t dare take any of that!
I could also say that I believe the British modified the Thompson Machine gun so that it would be inaccurate for the FBI to use!  We know very well that the AR-15 might have been short powdered to create a tumbling bullet!  And also that the scope on the AR-15 was defective because of the parallax issue!  Meaning when fired at close range the solder likely missed!  Now a well prepared militia would have prevented that.  The right to have a well prepared militia is also part of our Constitution!  And liberals want to say that the United States is that well prepared and managed militia?  It isn’t for those gun defect reasons plus the following reasons; drugs and sexual assault are rampant in the military!  That means it is not a well managed and prepared militia and should be dissolved.  And we are not to have an army in times of peace per our Constitution.
My father served in WWII and he told me of how they came upon a still in the south while on training maneuvers!.  What is the point here?  That is also where they used to have alcohol stills!! Out in the middle of the booneys on public and private lands.  And thanks to opiate FDR that became legal!  It should not have!  There are unacceptable deaths and accidents from alcohol use!  And taking a cab isn’t the answer to that either because you are likely to end up missing without a trace!  Or in the Milwaukee River like has happened ever New Years day for the past two years?  Or in the Mississippi River near Lacrosse the same place Milwaukee got the Polish Bishop that covered up sexual assaults of boys from!

So you find yourself in a conflict with meth freaks in the deep woods and you shoot them.  I don’t believe you have any duty to report that to anyone!  I also don’t believe you need to face any due process from it!  Nor do I believe anyone has a right to question you or investigate to see who did that!  Now here is another point.  What does due process really mean?  When you see the face of men sexually molesting children on internet videos isn’t that really all the due process they ever need?  Now you can tell that I believe they should be executed!  Our liberal former Confederate Democratic slave owning party doesn’t view it that way!  If you really loved that son you would not have let him degrade to animal behavior via his own devices!  You would not have let him sprout up to be a threat to normal humanity!
And it is highly likely that some drug users have a defective gene related to serotonin regulation!  It means that they cannot derive personal reward from personal accomplishment and achievement!  Now it is just my opinion that because of that they do not qualify as being human beings!
I don’t believe anyone who shoot’s their way out of a situation like that should be seen in handcuffs sitting in a courtroom and here is the kicker: also likely drugged via court order!
And under Barrack Obama we are seeing the legalization of marijuana with at the same time his begging to have greater gun control!  Because it is part of our Constitution that we are never to have any gun control it means he is in violation of the oath he took when he took office to protect the Constitution and should be impeached!  Not only that the workings of any prior President who can be deemed to have put forth Gun Control such as Reagan and Franklin Roosevelt need to be parsed out and negated under the same principle; they should have been impeached for violating the United States Constitution!
Not only should you be allowed to have a full auto gun but you should also be allowed to have as many clips/magazines of any size you want to have!  Per our Constitution, the Supreme law of the land that cannot be changed, that trumps every single other law ever created, you have the right to do that!
And what of those meth criminals? Do they and have the not participated in killing United States citizens via poisoning them with drugs?  Now I am not like your liberal mayor who wants to free all these people so he can dance around with them barefoot in the grass at Lakeshore State Park.
And when they talk about solutions to gun violence they always want to bring up Unconstitutional Gun Control.  So you take away the gun of a normal person (including those who hear voices in their heads) and you also take away the gun of a freak.  The freak is still a threat to the normal person isn’t he/she!  And the freak is a freak because they were born that way, likely have a defective serotonin regulation gene and exacerbate the problem via alcohol and drug use. 
So now lets change it around again.  You take away the drugs of a normal person (Easy enough they don’t have any) and  you take away the drugs of a freak or the source of those drugs, is the freak still a freak?  Yes, but not as dangerous of one?  Can he still procreate more freaks?  Yes?  But without the drugs they won’t be as bad freaks?  Then the question is should the drug user be allowed to have children?  If it is found that they are genetically different in that they have a defective serotonin regulating gene I have to say no!  Do all children put on Ritalin/speed (same drug Hitler took so he could keep up with his War effort) likely have a defective serotonin regulation gene!  And what a crime it would be to figure that out and tell them!  Oh what a shame it would be for them to know that the rest of their lives!  Don’t you have a duty to the American public to disclose that risk to us?
You would attempt to further limit our Gun ownership when we have these specialty chemical drugs out there willfully creating people who have minds that are squirming like a bucket of eels?

That person with the defective serotonin regulation gene with always be a problem child and potential liability to our freedom when they reach the age of adulthood when they are supposed to pass the right of passage to manhood of earning an academic college education in the United States?
Off topic.  No one ever questions German American Ancestry.  If you read that DNR pamphlet (the August 2014 issue of Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine) it tells how they brought the carp over to the United States and dumped them in every single river and lake!  And what a night mare it has been for the DNR since then.  It states that in one of those early years after they figured out what a problem the Germans created, they removed 57 million pounds of carp.  And I believe approximately 6 million pounds every year!  You will receive that magazine for free if you become a Conservation Patron through the DNR!  The Germans were also those who massacred the first slaves in the South about 200 of them!  The name Ger is Hebrew for Strange, hence the word means strangeman.  And I am part German!  I can tell you that many Germans I have met have an odd castrated like temper that is untenable!  Now that has to come from a birth defect due to alcohol.  Perhaps the greatest statistic would be, how many sons of drinkers have some form of dyslexia?  And those with dyslexia would have frustration thinking and learning and out comes the temper!  Guns are not the cause of violence alcohol and drugs are!
One might say the German idealism of life in America was to own slaves, drink beer and eat abundantly available carp?  That might be transitioned to mean today, have a mental slave, use meth and eat abundantly available carp?  No it means control slave labor and profits from it in China through fictional business entities in the United States?  And mock the American people that you disabled!
Now per our Constitution it is illegal to sell or give a person an addictive substance!  Why?  Because it is addictive and they cannot stop taking it you have violated their guarantied right to Liberty!

Thomas Paul Murphy 
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