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Friday, August 1, 2014

Chosen Ones 08 01 2014

Chosen Ones 08 01 2014

What conclusions with regard to civilization can we make when we can’t control who chooses us to be their father?
Are we not guaranteed the freedom of not being chosen to be a father to someone else’s children in our Constitution?  And it is a one way deal isn’t it!  We have to be their father in their minds eye and yet we have no authority over them; in order to make them better people!
So if you chose someone to be your father maybe it means that your original father needs to be eliminated via the principle of out with the good and in with the bad.  In other words you can’t have a new toy until you get rid of the old one?  And what can be said of biological fathers who want their children to have a father different from themselves?  The truth is that they are not up to being a father.  The truth is that they desire that same person to be a father figure to them in adulthood.  The truth is that they cannot stand what it means to be a father and desire to mock the lives of human being men.
When you chose someone else to be your father and under duress they have no way to prevent your immaturity from influencing your life; what can be said of your biological father?  He’s not a man at all is he!  So what right does he have to live among us in the nation of free men?  I am spelling out to you the word freak aren’t I!
Somehow our Constitution means that we have the Liberty and freedom not to be a father to those who are not our own biological children and we didn’t marry their mothers!  And the mothers should not be allowed to be under the delusion that we would have married them!  The little princess delusion?
So if the leaders of our society can’t even be fathers what are they doing in positions of leadership in our society?  It is really a distraction to them or form of escapism from being men because they don’t have the ability to.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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