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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Have you lost money in the stock market to someone that looks like this 07 31 2014

Have you lost money in the stock market to someone that looks like this 07 31 2014

They have a distinctive look.  And in one of the following links they show the facial geometric measurements that precisely define it!

I see similarities in geometric facial measures between those with Wilson Disease and both Adolf Hitler and Stalin a founder of Communism!

Stalin as a youth:

Hitler as a youth: 

One more connecting point here: If Hitler wanted to stem the spread of Communism why did he meet with Stalin and nothing come of it?  Did he expect Russia to invade Poland?  It reads like Saddam Huessain asking the U.S. Diplomat to Iraq if the US would interfere with their expansion into Kuwait and her saying that we wouldn't. 

The facial features also have commonality with Down's Syndrome.

This one is Vladimir Lenin and he also looks to have facial feature abnormality as a young man.

The point is that someone with strong verbal ability and mental retardation cannot give you proper consideration in a transaction of investment or other transaction involving a substantial amount of money.

The way that wikipedia defines them today is that they have verbal ability in excess of their IQ!  The way I believe I read it before was that they have strong verbal ability but low IQ.

Another point being is that this opens up the controversy of those who have strong verbal ability in excess of their IQ in our society making transactions with us!

What is the implication?  How can your verbal ability develop in the absence of IQ?  I have always maintained that these individuals are at the heart of the voices that those who are diagnosed with schizophrenia hear in their heads!

If alcohol causes the leading form of mental retardation fetal alcohol syndrome then it causes them all!

How would you feel if you married a man that had strong verbal ability ... that was stronger than their IQ?  It would lead to many problems wouldn't it!  You would have been duped or taken?

Does the financial industry have a big rebate coming to world citizens?  I have read that some economists predict that the odds of wealth redistribution are 100%.

I see that face on some of Latvian and possibly Serbian nationality.  As well as some German/Dutch.

It puts world history into proper perspective!

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No time to check for proper spelling of proper names.

Another thing I notice in those I suspect of having Wilsons Syndrome is a rigidity to the upper body.  As if there is nerve damage.  The arms and shoulders operate kind of sick bug like.  As if there is nerve damage to that controlling nerve structure.  You will know it when you see it. Also some con-caving of the chest when they walk. 

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