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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Controlling the Weather 07 31 2014

Controlling the Weather 07 31 2014

There have been claims that Russia can control the weather.

So how would you control the weather if you wanted to?  How would you do that?

You would have to take into effect the spin of the earth.  The stars you see in the east become the stars you see in the west as the days happens?  So that is the way the earth spins.

So what knowing that what could you do to change it?  You could indeed notice where their are pockets of moisture in the atmosphere that have aggregated and beam electromagnetic spectrum at them to heat them up and dissipate them only so they re-aggregate and  precipitate somewhere else as the earth spins!

So to do that you would need something that directs that energy.  The magnetron generator was invented before WWII?  By England.

Now where would you mount those magnetron generators or new technology versions that are able to direct electricty in the air?  Radio and television towers.  Now how do you dissipate those clouds in the most effective manner?  By triangulating from one tower to the next at center points much like the GPS system works?

And you might even use satellite systems to do just that!

So look it is about to rain.  Johnny farmer just planted his $100,000.oo worth of seed and you want to ruin it with a drought.  You get on that radio and start playing the music don't you?

Or indeed you dissipate the clouds overhead east of him so that when the earth spins they will then re-aggregate overhead of his farm and his farm is flooded.

Should farmers who were foreclosed upon get their farms back?  Yes.

And what is that High Efficieny Array doing in Alaska so close to Russia?  Can we actually trust any single  Russian Slavic immigrant in the United States today?  Slavic means slave.  Did they get the name because that is all they could be?  Once they came into power they did horrible things to people so it was just best they remained working class?  And wasn't communism the right form of government for people like that but extremely contraindicated to human beings who could think for themselves?  How many United States citizens wouldn't be hearing voices in their heads if they were not here?

Also Putin came out against homosexuals.  Russia is known to have developed psychoenergetic technology or william reich technology.  That effectively means putting the soul of a human being into a mentally defective person (Russian immigrant?)

That is how the mind of the Devil works!  Putin created the homosexuals using that technology?  There essence and skill sets displaced from them in the United States using that technology much the same way schizophrenics are created.  And then he wants to tear us apart by propagandizing anti homosexual laws?  Well that is one way to look at it!  And the facts do hold up in the premise structure of that argument!

If  Television and radio tower signals were manipulated to the effect of controlling the weather we would never be able to know it or prove it would we.

During 911 there were found bolt cutters near a television antenna in (Milwaukee?)  Some how I understand what the motivation behind that might have been very well!

The news is not news anymore it is entertainment!  And it is news that is directed and controlled by entertainment.  Entertainment is controlling the actions of governments even creating wars.  They are not qualified to speak on matters of foreign policy and yet they do anyway.  It is like a pig faced cheeringleading squad has taken over the world via their television commentary?

I like this quote of mine with regard to why inciting civil unrest is unconstitutional for a President to do.  "Without them inciting hatred towards themselves they are like fish in a can."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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