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Friday, July 18, 2014

Foreign Policy 07 18 2014

Foreign Policy 07 18 2014

If Russia or China wanted to start something with the United States the best policy would be first and foremost to give them all the people of their nationality in the United States back to them!

Had we had done this in WWII we might not have had the problems we do today with regard to the birth defects of alcohol lineage.

And really it applies to fascist Italy and the Roman Catholic Churches horrific actions in the United States with regard to the molestation of Children.  (organized crime and widespread drug use too)  All Italians should be sent back to Italy!  They will know what to do with them!

Also the same principle needs to be applied to any religion established in the United States that engages in criminal activity or crimes against humanity!  And that means any populous present in the United States that has a belief system that contradicts the United States Constitution!

Want to sober up the entire world?  That would do it!

Things are defined by their actions!!! A gang that engages in criminal activity can not give itself the title of religion and therefore believe itself to have immunity from prosecution in the United States under the Constitution!  Just because you give yourself the title of a religion doesn't mean that you are one!  We should be of a little higher standard of intelligence with how our legal system views such activities!  Any parent or adult that has had to supervise a delinquent child knows that what their parents tell you about them is far different than how they behave!  Your actions define your belief system!  And you are not allowed to have a belief system and act with regard to it that violates the basic Constitutional rights of the legitimate citizen of the United States!  The Constitution isn't about groups defining themselves to have rights over the normal individual!  That concept we have today that is the contrary of that could very well lead to the extinction of all walks of life.  What is amounts to is one dolt looking at another and expressing envy of the normal human being!  We should not tolerate that in the United States!  Get them out of here!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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