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Friday, July 4, 2014

The theme and moral of the Movie “The Black Hole”

The theme and moral of the Movie “The Black Hole”

The theme is that that man is powering the energy to his mega space craft with defaced humans made into zombies.  (That is you and me schizos.)
The gestalt metaphor is to FDR’s New Deal program as advised by Charles Van Hise the President of the University of Wisconsin Madison circa 1932 was “One must surrender their individuality for the sake of Industry.”  That is you and I who were forced to surrender out individuality fellow voices hearers who are distracted by it from using your own minds.  And one could substitute “wealth class” for “industry” in Charles Van Hise’s motto and it would be just as true!
You played a much bigger role and benefit to the American (and other nations) Economy than anyone will ever admit to you!
The moral is that white n1993r who can’t sing is going to take us into a black hole or end of the world.  You see him sitting there in his space craft at a control module that looks like a wicked preachers pipe organ controls!  The preacher who couldn’t sing versus the Acappella singer was a major conflict in religion at the time of the Bible and with the Puritans who founded the United States too!
Guaranteed to make fellow sufferers sick to your stomachs if you watch it!

But watch it anyway and when you feel sad make sure to impart shame to that beast that is talking to you!  And you will find that you get some relief from that!

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