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Friday, July 4, 2014

The Death Penalty to Heroin Dealers by Lethal Injection of Heroin 07 04 2014 Part 1 of 2

The Death Penalty to Heroin Dealers by Lethal Injection of Heroin 07 04 2014  Part 1 of 2

(Part 2 is titled, “Where are all our tanks? 07 04 2014”

That would be poetic justice!  Germany stated they were not going to sell us anymore death penalty drugs! In WWI Germany was fighting against the poppy?
We should have enough confiscated heroin from drug busts, like what the FBI and other law enforcement agencies paid by the United States taxpayer are supposed to confiscate in drug busts!  We should have enough confiscated heroin to meet all of our countries death penalty needs through whatever continued dose is required to be lethal!  Whatever it will take to stop their black heart from beating.
This technique can also be used with regard to their brothers in crime who sexually victimize children and pimps or those guilty of enslaving others!  Where has the President been to protect the Constitution by justice on those matters!  It has not happened the Constitution has not been protected with regard to slavery (What prostitution is!)  It doesn’t take a Harvard Elite to figure that out, in fact being a Harvard Elite or having one around is a contraindication to us figuring that out!
You lived your life not through achievement but through escapism and crime; so how can you expect to die any other way than that?
Might as well use heroin in this manner as a death penalty drug because organized crime does!  So therefore rather than letting them kill normal human beings with it we should kill them with their own weapon against humanity!  And there tombstones can have a poppy or syringe carved in so everyone knows they died in shame!
I am not afraid to say there was something wrong with the drug user or dealer from day 1!
Only a Devil would sell you a drug as a substitute for you attempting personal achievement!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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