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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Intelligence as a Prerequisite Defeats Rights of Gender, Racial and Sexual Discrimination 07 09 2014

Intelligence as a Prerequisite Defeats Rights of Gender, Racial and Sexual Discrimination.
What is wrong with this statement?
“My child with Down’s Syndrome should have the equal opportunity to become President of the United States, the Governor of a State or the Mayor of a City!”
You will also never hear a single person question the validity or credibility of the diagnosis of something called Down’s Syndrome; unless they are made to do so under duress!
You have to have an IQ of (there is no IQ requirement, this article was written as if there was) to become President!  So therefore in order to become any of the other positions in our society that lead one to the path to Presidency you should also be required to pass that IQ requirement.
I believe that Barrack Obama, Scott Walker, Mary Burke, Police Chief Flynn, should be questioned and held to scrutiny as to the nature of their intelligence.
People want to believe that the right to equality means they can do anything they want as a vocation in life, and legally not be discriminated against; but that isn’t true!
Intelligence as a prerequisite defeats racial and gender based equality!  That is reality!  An employer has the right not to work with the insufferably ignorant and reaction based emotionally immature!
Self note REWORK this paragraph:  You can not put a Down’s Syndrome person or a Fetal Alcohol Syndrome person, a dyslexic, a cretin, a mongoloid, or an ogre in a group of candidates for political office and state that it would be like grasping at straws if a college educated person was added to the group or state that they are equal candidates when the college educated person is added to the group.
So if indeed you can discriminate based on intelligence, as you should always be able to for President of the United States then why can’t you discriminate based on intelligence for everything else?
And there is absolutely nothing wrong with having someone who is vying for a political position videotaped while they take and complete an intelligence determining exam!  In fact that should be required.  Some of these people you wonder if they can pass a single test!  (And we learn from our education system that the latest generation can’t!!!  So we should be greatly concerned for humanities future!)
1.       I didn’t think that black or Mexican kid would represent my business with integrity because they were not intelligent per my interview!
2.       That gay person’s emotional intelligence concerned me during the interview.
3.       I found the emotional intelligence of the person debating politics to be of the level so lacking that they should have been barred from candidacy as a Senator or Congressman or Political commentator on television (BINGO!  Just thought of a new concept!)
4.       The car salesman or Investment Analyst or College Professor should have never been allowed to be one because they had neither intelligence to think about my questions in a pragmatic manner with depth nor the emotional intelligence to realize it was a prerequisite to do so!
5.       The Police Officer did not possess the emotional intelligence to uphold the standard required to protect and serve!
6.       The Corporate Manager did not possess the required emotional intelligence to mange people nor allocate money!
7.       The Lawyer or Doctor did not have the integrity that is developed and representative of natural intelligence.
So what happens when a college can’t hire qualified people?  It means that they can no longer offer that class or service!  The antithesis of that is that Enron or the mortgage crisis is facilitated by them!  How does this sound, “I couldn’t hire a qualified candidate to work in human resources so I hired my Autistic son instead.”  It is very troubling isn’t it.
So how do we remove these well networked people from positions in our society that they do not belong in?  How can that legally be done?  You know as well as I that the future of the human race depends on that happening.
You can tell how smart someone is by what makes them angry!  Perhaps we are best defined as responsible men by what makes us angry.  And people don’t get angry concerning crimes, when they have committed the crime that would make the rest of us angry do they!
A race of people whose mothers prevented you from critiquing them or writing accurate reviews of their behavior would rise straight to the top in power and influence!
Doesn’t your blood boil when a person in governance is asked a simple question and adult would have no problem answering; but instead they express nervous anxiety towards you?  That was my prevailing experience in the Investment Industry (And to some degree in business school too!  And the next thing they do is comment on the shape of your head or your nose!)
That same nervousness seems to be universal and not dependent on the questions level of difficulty for the (person) to answer!
“That person speaking on television doesn’t have the emotional intelligence to represent the values of the Citizens in the United States community!”
Fraud and racketeering charges based on emotional intelligence and forfeiture of personal assets!  Why?  People like that pose a great risk to the future of humanity!
National Public Database Entries:  “This person did not have the legitimate intelligence that the college degree represented they did!”
A normal human being believes that gains in academic intelligence rise step in step with gains in human emotional intelligence!  But the validity of personal experience proves that isn’t true!  And when that is proved to not be true, then there is a dichotomy of intelligence within the individual we have a duty and responsibility to remove them from the key workings of our democracy!  Why?  Because they do not represent the best interests of humanity!
And they are not going to want to do so willingly or of their own volition!  Nor do we have the time nor patience to entertain their lengthy emotionally immature legal protests!
“She doesn’t really love her husband she loves his money!  Hence the marriage wasn’t based on love but rather money!”
And what happens when marriages between human beings are based on the same principals of money as the paring of cattle are?  We get a big problem with people being in positions of authority that they do not belong in and have no RIGHT to be there!  And cattle are not really “paired” because only one male will sire a great many females!  What do you think when you see that those who have money they did not earn are favored in marriage?  Or when you see one man get one wife pregnant, divorce her and do the same with the next one?  Those children will not have the emotional intelligence to (illegible) because they weren’t imprinted by their biological fathers ((illegible word, illegible word)), what can I say I scrawl these out on a notebook in an odd position on my side as I awake.)
And what happens when you are a man that is discriminated against because of your greater emotional/human intelligence?  It is a war against men?  Or a discrimination/racism against men!
So what happens in a world when the men are discriminated against?  We get a (illegible word) system represented like this, “Has your boy picked which little boy he wants to marry yet?”  And believe me that is more of a reality than not.  When I was about 8 years old circa 1974 my best friend was kissing his friend and they were asking me to join them.  One of them was Jewish and the other I don’t know his religion but his father was very wealthy!  Their initials are D.S. and D.B.
The nervous investment analyst throwing his fingernail clippings at you from across the desk, the police officer who has the round aspergers face and buzzhole voice, the aping half time commentary crew of football games; they all belong locked in their own individual cells at something called a Funny Farm!
You can also tell how smart a person is by how they look.  So I asked a school teacher about looks and intelligence.  “If they look timid they are timid, if they look happy they are happy, if they look mean they are mean.”  That is how she answered me.  I would add if they act and behave mean they are mean. And how we dress is part of how we act too!  When we dress ourselves with permanent tattoos we are mean because we look mean?  There is a majority of the truth there!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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