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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Diagnosing the origin of your disease and pain by using the principle of

Diagnosing the origin of your disease and pain by using the principle of , "You can tell what it is by what helps it get better!"

That is probably the most relevant terminology in medicine that there ever was.  (And to be fair I was only able to put that thought into verbal terms after a Doctor asked me what made a condition worse and what made it better!!!!!)

So what makes my lower back pain better?

1. Antibacterial and antiviral herbs.
2. A slap of witch hazel on it which is known to destroy the streptococcus bacteria!!!
3. No soda, bacteria feeds on sugar.  And I also believe that the herbicides used in the corn seed used to produce corn and therefore high fructose corn syrup may be affected by the modified WWII chemical used in them (Zyclone B, Hydrogen Cyanide or Atrazine which is similar to them.  It is stated to be all rural water supplies in the United States.  It causes death through oxygen deprivation.  Therefore it causes cellular regenerative death through the same means, prolonging sickness!)
4.No sugar.
5. Some types of stretching.
6. Also swimming.
7. Being away from my home!
8. Drinking Aloe vera gel.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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