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Saturday, July 12, 2014

How George Bush solved his national employment problem 07 12 2014

How George Bush solved his national employment problem 07 12 2014

"He want me to work but, I smart, I take siesta instead."

or more current

"He want me to work, but I smart I smoke refer and take siesta instead."

Honestly if we could teach them how to clean then things would be clean but they are not!

Our world leaders have the debt problem completely figured out; if every nation has the dependent minded as leaders then not a single country leader has to be accountable!  For that is what they fear more than anything else; being held accountable to the independent minded class!  And that is those of us who have been horrifically victimized to hear voices in our heads!!!!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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I think they run drugs into this country and then are promised by organized crime in our Government some form of welfare or proceeds from bilking of the nation.

And it is really an act of War for all those immigrants to come to our shores!  And I don't believe that when we fight that War with Central and South America that we have to obey the restrictions with regard to civilian causalities that got the brave of the United States under tombstones!  In other words we don't let the other side have an advantage of women and children killing us.  In order to be a human being you have to have human reason and your own human conscience.  What I learned from reviewing all of those genetic disorders is that we are all very different.  It is as if Alcohol strips human chromosomes left and right during conception.  Did we really understand the foreign races when we allowed them immigration to the United States?  Did we know that they were going to have to make hosts out of human beings minds and that those human beings would be labeled schizophrenic in medical fraud.  Would we have entered World War II if we knew that Trojan Horse was going to assert itself in the United States?  Would we have ever gone into the Middle East if we knew that we would be paying $4.00 a gallon of gasoline for as long as we have; without the slightest hint of alternative energy coming on line?  Would we have entered WWII and protected Communist Russia if we knew that United States Citizens were defrauded in the Stock Market via the communist brotherhood represented in our United States Stock exchanges and Investment Industry?  Whose father would have ever fought in WWII if he knew that later generations would be faced with the issue of gays wanting to marry?  

 This country was founded by those who did not believe anyone should ever be abused by someone else's religion!  That is the exact opposite of what we are today! Because of that greater majority today we are not a nation of men.

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