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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Black Church 07 02 2014

The Black Church
Blacks are said to have done well under FDR.  But not all of them!  So which ones of them did well?  If You ever see who has the expensive cars it is the preachers!  Now one fault I have found with the contribution charity nature of the church is that it makes its money from the wealthiest members of the community! 
Now FDR repealed prohibition.  So I am mentioning that so that you start to think about it and how it is relevant on your own.
Now who is that in the black community?  It is the owner of the liquor store, stores selling liquor and the Taverns!  So is that how blacks benefited from FDR?  The black churches received donations from the wealthy of the community who owned alcohol related businesses.
Now what about churches.  Change of topic.  When they first appeared in history they also marketed themselves as being able to heal the sick.  If read some gospels you will learn that Jesus only healed Jews.  He called the Canaanites dogs!  Yep you wouldn’t believe it but he did!  So why did he only heal Jews?  To me that reads like members of a country club finding old pairs of crutches behind the basement sink and pretending to be lame only to throw them down and dance around.  The scene of gypsy exuberance somehow seems to apply.  But you don’t hear one single church being able to heal anyone today!  It just doesn’t happen and they don’t market themselves as that!  Why?  Because if it were true we would all be flocking to there with our pain.  And about opiates?  That New York times article states that we have the poppy because of WWI!  A USA today article stated that opiates are prescribed…about 256 million prescriptions in the United States today!  That is every adult here more than once.  I won’t take pain pills!  I just live with it and eventually it should go away!  But what is the point?  If churches had healing functions there wouldn’t be that many pain pill prescriptions!
“In the club.  In the club.  In the club.”  You can’t turn on the radio to a black station without them singing that!  And what happens in those clubs and central to them? Drugs, gun violence, prostitution!  Basically all the problems of the poor neighborhood!
What do you have in a black community, clubs and churches! 
And what does that make alcohol?  It makes it a means to establish miniature kingdoms doesn’t it!  And they aren’t good kingdoms are they!  And the laws that govern them have been diluted just like how the Declaration of Independence stated that the King of England didn’t enforce laws, failed to recognize colonial laws and basically meaning that he was attempting to make the legal system ineffective!
That black church doesn’t benefit the black community!  Could it without alcohol?  No because there would be no contributions to the hat on Sunday without the taverns, drug dealers, pimps, I’ll even add convenience stores that sell cigarettes!  And all of those things are a cancer to the black community!
If you were a very evil genius how would you establish a miniature kingdom?  You would promote alcohol so that the children would be born mental defective with fetal alcohol syndrome.  Alcohol causes genetic harm too!  That means it causes Down’s Syndrome too!
Now let me ask you this!  How would you like a future where we are to worship the Down’s syndrome children of a Republican party as if they were Gods!  How would you like it if every family that had a Down’s Syndrome child received $80,000.oo a year to take care of that blessed child?  And that is exactly what happens in Wisconsin!  So how would you like it if that Down’s Syndrome child enters politics and takes the podium and starts yelling at the American public to get a job with more furor than Scott Walker did?  It seems to me that a reality needed to be addressed their and a delusion was created to prevent that from happening.
Now as long as I am on Genetics.  It turns out that serotonin has an impact in whether mice are gay or not!  It also turns out that genes control serotonin.  What am I getting at?  Homosexuality is not normal it is caused by a genetic defect to the serotonin regulation gene structure!  And that is why they do not deserve to get marriage rights!  Just because something is normal to you doesn’t mean it is the norm.  Just because your parents have money doesn’t mean than you are allowed to project your internal cognitive framework onto the American public! So let me attempt to make the point a different way.  What parent would say, I wish there was a way that I could change the serotonin gene regulation structure of the baby in my womb so that it would be gay?  And as I have stated before alcohol causes genetic harm and it is stated right there on the bottle!  The surgeon general put it there a time ago in fierce opposition to some!  That was a brave man that needs to be honored for that initiative.  So what does that read like to you?  It reads like the operation of a bad king forming controversy in his kingdom by legalizing alcohol.  And FDR was indeed of English nationality!
One more point while I am alluding to the Declaration of Independence.  We were to sever all political ties to England per the Declaration of Independence.  What has happened today?  For some reason, FDR perhaps we are allied with them.  They were also at the heart of data collection with regard to American Citizens weren’t they!  Again something the Founding fathers noted should not happen in the Constitution!  And what about baking systems that are legacy from England?  The entire corporate structure that rose up after FDR’s WWII is a violation of the United States Constitution!  But more to the point many banks operating in the US today are English!  Some have done nice things for us like launder drug money in Mexico for drugs that came to the United States?  But what about that data collection?  If they are that powerful one wonders if they have not also tampered with computers to create down time?  To make foreign corporations more profitable and have a greater advantage than us!  We are going to have to conquer that country someday very soon!  They gave us the perverted concept of homosexuality as normality too when it isn’t!  (Masters and Johnson)  But how many have missed credit card payments because of computer errors?  And that creates profits for the banks.  And what about the mortgage crisis?  That was facilitated in the United States by adoption and manipulation of the London Interbank Offer Interest Rate!  England has been at the heart of creating worldwide terror haven’t they!
Back to the poppy from WWI!  People are catching on to this one.  FDR’s family wealth came from the opiate trade with China.  The point is that the poppy survived WWII also! And not only that we got alcohol back too!  FDR’s wife was a Lesbian which means that their marriage was not based on love buy money!
One more point?  How many drugs today are made by looking at the molecular structure of opium and modifying it to resemble that?  And are many modern illnesses caused by directed energy weapons?
Now there were two very important points I was about to type when the beast zapped them straight from my memory with a directed energy weapon!
We had Kennedy shot while organized crime was attempting to gain a foothold in Texas, the British music and drug invasion and drugs in Vietnam and rampant in the Military today!  There should be absolutely no drugs in the military but there are!  And what about Texas?  She just zapped the point to!  There was an important point to make there concerning the Civil War or the Revolutionary War.
So I must have pity on those who covet my ability of stream of consciousness from a nondefective brain, obviously they don’t have one!  Can anyone guess as to the cause?
So what about the black churches?  They sold out the black communities?  What would prevent a black community from creating itself to be an alcohol free zone?  I can guarantee you if you made alcohol free zones after a length of time you those gun free zone signs George Bush put up wouldn’t be needed!
But no one seems to get cause and effect right!  Instead we have what might be dissociation of cause to effect as a form of wishful thinking, otherwise known as delusion!
One more point.  I used to think oh a black person just robs for food and hence leniency on them is needed.  But today I think, criminal blacks are just as bad as criminal whites and it has nothing to do with lack of food!  It is because of a mental defect.  I believe many white criminals should be executed, including drug dealers and sexual victimizers of children.  It is like a mother with the brain the size of a ducks that would want us to have leniency on criminals; as if they were her own son!  So here we are getting to the issue of what is truly bad and what isn’t.  That mother will declare that nothing her son ever did was bad!  And I wonder if bad black people in poor communities don’t have some implied form of grant that sponsors their behavior!  Do you know how easily that happens?  They are given jobs and U.S. Corporations whose management is from England?  The criminal mind is far different than that of a normal human being!  And one of the problems is that it applies its own ideas unto the rest of us as if they were normality when they are not!  It does’ believe it is any different from normal people even though it is.  Now Condi Rice has a good phrase I will quote her rather than using my own phrasing because you tend to not want to believe it when I say it, “Self esteem comes from achievement.  Not from lax standards and false praise.”  She sees it too doesn’t she!  And that harkens back to epiphany moments mentioned in the other article tonight doesn’t it!
I don’t like to see those in black communities who own the expensive cars being either church leaders or drug dealers!  That is a bad equivalency!  And if I put myself in the shoes of a black person living in a poor neighborhood ruled by evil drunken type men…what a horror that consumes their daily consciousness!  We shouldn’t have to put up with any of those horrors that consume our daily consciousness; including voices speaking to us in our minds that have no right to be there.  What type of a beast would seek to consume the daily consciousness of a human being?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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