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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Martin Luther King is the worst problem the black people ever faced 07 03 2014

Martin Luther King is the worst problem the black people ever faced 07 03 2014

Can be read or subtitled as a part II to the “Black Church.”

Martin Luther King is the worst problem the black people ever faced.  Why?  The FBI tracked his moves.  What did they say?  That he was having sex with women in private wherever he went!  What does that mean?  It means that he was creating sons without fathers to raise them!  That is the worst problem the black community ever had!
He is named after the founder of the Lutheran religion and that should have been a red flag for many right there!  What is the key tenet of the Lutheran religion, “It doesn’t matter what I do as long as when I am dying I ask to be saved!”  The truth is that is the exact opposite of personal responsibility, otherwise known as being a man!
He wasn’t marching for civil rights he was marching to inseminate every black woman he could!
The concept is so bad that he could be considered an English operative, saboteur or spy!
Did he really teach black people peace?  Black people don’t know peace today!
What do they really know today?
1.       Willful attitude!
2.       To be drug dealers and pimps!  A woman having a child not of the man she will spend her life with is a construct on that scale of lack of respect for women akin to a pimp!
3.       It is black people who are making prostitutes of young black women!  You can’t be a worse slave master than that!
4.       And what of the unified olive skinned black/white race everyone stated was supposed to happen?  It doesn’t happen by slave masters knocking up woman because those children are not born in love; nor are they imprinted by their natural fathers in love!  Hence they have problems, (White people do to!  That white negro is just as bad!)
Illegitamte black persons are the greatest threat the black community ever had!  And we hear of black men bragging on television about having sex with 300 women?

Did you for once think of all the unhappy and fatherless sons you created?
You have to feel extremely sorry for any son raised by an obese black woman that talks like a spoiled child herself!  You do!  And can you imagine how a black son from a normal family would have to get along with such a problem child?  No father and a willful and uneducated woman encouraging him through false praise and neglecting to teach him anything a boy should learn!  He would go to school and sit there with a blank expression on his face (if he could even sit still at all!) because he couldn’t listen to any of it!  In fact he would willfully cause a distraction to prevent any other children from listening and  learning too!  Why?  Because he would learn very early in life not to trust authority or teaching because his momma gave him bad advice!
Black people not being able to vote?  I read that in a Community type newspaper. Who are they kidding?  They elected a white Lutheran ministers son as Governor in Wisconsin, Scott Walker!  Martin Luther King named after the Lutheran religion would be dancing in praise at that!  The native Americans use the word walker to describe someone that demonically possesses another!  The black elite from the Protestant Roman religions couldn’t be happier!  It means more luncheons and dinners with church money and more time to sit on the porch and sip expensive booze to them! 
There I said it!  It is very hard to give a good talking to someone that never had a meaningful talking to at any point in their childhood!  The children of alcohol users never had a good talking to once in their lives by their parents!
Don’t get it yet?  Let me generalize.  Make a comparison of two general nations.  In one of them the sons have biological fathers that love them in the second they have not fathers at all and uneducated women who are willfully ignorant about everything.  (As I typed that sentence of the sons that have biological fathers that loved them I felt a spiteful curse directed at me!  As if I could see a face tensioned up and ready to yell at me for saying it!)  But just think of the comparison between those two nations!  You could write a book or make a movie on that basis!  It has yet to be overtly done!
So you still don’t get it?
We hear voices because those sons are inverse imprinting from us!  It doesn’t make them men!  It lessens the recognized standard of what a man is!
And what happen when you add a bottle of ripple to the conception of a black person?  A mild form of fetal alcohol syndrome called dyslexia!  That kid can’t learn to read!  In other words a hyeparctive problem child that won’t get along with normal children.  George Bush, whose family money came from a bank transfer from Nazi German Thysen sp? Industries part of the Nazi military industrial complex, solution was to give them Ritalin.  And a normal black child with be scared 5417 of that bad kid!  So he won’t learn either!  And the neighborhood gets dominated by drugs, crime and more black bastards with mommas mind, at best!
To be fair, I don’t like a lot of white people for these EXACT same reasons. However what I am describing occurs more with the white Elite than the middle class!
So why did I write this?  Because a bastard voice in my head woke me up!  And they think that I and those like me are not smart enough to believe that is an actual person that isn’t me talking to me!  A black girl once said to me, “My mother told me that when you hear a voice talking to you and no one is around that it’s the devil talking to you!”  Amen!
Now let me ask you this.  If devils were people would they be more likely or less likely to have been raised by a good father?  If you want to argue that position “you bear false witness against yourself!”  And that is a term of three negatives!  Neither a father, son or holy ghost!  No trinity with three negatives!
Am I a racist?  No!  I believe in the black family that has a mother and father and children they love and want to raise properly! 
Males, black, white, yellow, red who get women pregnant and are not going to be around are a horror to the entire world!  It is like an animal or primate among us!
A country full of bastards, some of which came from the Pro-Life movement, isn’t as good as one of from what s called a nuclear family.  But black people don’t get that idea either!  That Pro-Life movement is a bastard lead movement!  The only ones who have money in the black community are the drug dealers and the church leaders!  And they drive the same types of cars and likely sit at the same lunch tables!
And if you ever listened to church leaders eat lunch with the church donation money then your realize that they view the neighborhood as a Kingdom something to sire and dominate!  It is sickening to know how they view and talk about their community, as if they were gang dominions dominated by them!  The whore’s son is a whore (female mind connotation).  They opportunizing of sexually dominating the women of the community they knew are single in the community!  That church leader networking forms a “database” of who can be sold drugs to, who can be sold into prostitution, who can be abused, who can be prevented from working out of favoritism, hence no valid workers!  And what is a legitimate black woman targeted and forced into, having to leave her children with sexual abusers in day care so that she can have a job to support them!
And actually “The church” serves that same function in every single community in the world!  The Catholic ones are led by men who aren’t interested in women, otherwise they would be known as odd. And the principle they believe in and practice is the antithesis of, “odd man out!”
Who else read about Rome in their grade school history class and thought they were monkeys?  No legitimate human being can read the story of Jesus Christ and not believe that!  In Rome it was called the Catholic Church; in England founded by the Romans and the greatest threat the United States ever faced, it was called the Protestant, Christianity, Lutheran, etc.  If you look at the string of branch offs from the Protestant Church it reads like an Invasion force hiding the ranks of its identity!
How many black people have the Martin Luther King Junior GENE today?  And has that population of the black race and the black church it resides in served to be anticompetitive to the traditional black family?
If we find great strains of bastard lineage we ought to deport them to the origin of their surnames!
If some were headed back to Ireland (the surname Reagan comes to mind) I would recommend you sink those boats before they dock, otherwise you will be regretting the missed opportunity for eons!
Just because you can’t handle my human sentiment doesn’t mean that I have a weakness problem from it!  A psychiatrist will like to increase your medicine if you are sentimental.  The secret reason is that human emotions like sentiment kill off the race that is dependent to your mind!  It is like a terminal event when they realize the sorrow you have in your memory as if it is there own!  Hence they medicate you to keep an even mood!  My mood is quite even as I write and live!  If you don’t like a good talking to then don’t ask for it!
Thomas Paul Murphy
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