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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Attack on America Fraudulent Disability 07 31 2014

Attack on America Fraudulent Disability 07 31 2014

I was told by a friend whose sister worked for the FBI that they used what is called Active Denial systems to prevent people from thinking.  He said it puts a person into something like a technology induced seizure.  He told me that it was used in places like Fort Knox and added the qualifier and things like that!

Russia is said to have developed those devices to and placed them in the nose cones of their hind helicopters.

So is this technology being used on you?  Here is how you can tell.  Do you not think clearly when working from both home or in a corporate office but when you go someone open and free that ability returns quickly?

So what is the purpose of actively creating the disabled in the United States?
1.  To defeat freedom, the Constitution and the United States.
2.  By using active denial systems to prevent the best and brightest of us from applying our skills to achieve.
3.  Those labeled schizophrenic being prevented from using their own minds by those who are jealous of their thinking ability (Fur ears).  The solution to protect the United States and our Constitution would be to execute all those who participate in actively denying U.S. Citizens from using their own minds to work, achieve, get ahead and become successful?
4.The smartest of us are being prevented from working at our true level of competence while many are those among us who work at a level above their true level of competance!

A spiteful country that figured out if it actively disabled the smartest Americans it could defeat America!!!

First sings of mental defect would include same sex fixation of normal human beings.

Is there a difference between false idolatry as scolded by God in the Bible, Same sex fixation and homosexuality?  When George Bush made the statement that he had a PERSONAL relationship with his God what was he really implying?  Personal means he is talking about a person?

Are those who are labeled schizophrenic really deified without the benefits of it?  Same way a castle goon deifies the person in its dungeon?

When the Egyptians declared that when their kings thought something that it was just done by them did they really mean that they never could learn how not to act on impulse?  That is really a sign of mental defect isn't it!  Were the kings the only human beings?  Are those labeled schizophrenic really the human beings of polytheism?  The mentally defective attacked them because they humans could think where the mentally defective did not have that ability and were subject to the thoughts of their thinking?  Schizophrenics with 108 different genes are not the odd balls we are the true human beings.  Two of us could sit next to each other and read different books and not have a problem with each other.  But you put a mentally defective person next to one of us with a book, someone that is dependent minded, and they have a big nervous can't sit still attention deficit disorder with it don't they!  And maybe they missed a certain aspect of human development that makes them willfully spoiled in that manner; jut to give them the benefit of the doubt.  (Some of these concepts I gleamed from the Gospel of Barnabus.)

Thomas Paul Murphy
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