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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Is the United States Banking Industry Really Communism 07 31 2014

Is the United States Banking Industry Really Communism

What have they financed?  Tobacco companies!  Tobacco companies have been the most successful investments.
But what did they put in them?  Pine tar?  And what does pine oil a similar if not exactly the same compound do?  It causes miscarriage.  And if a miscarriage doesn’t end in death it ends in a premature baby.
And what do we know about premature babies?  They are not as mentally developed are they!  Do they often have mental retardation?
And according to me the mentally retarded cannot exist unless they have a human brain as a host and that person is labeled schizophrenic.  One mind for all is a key tenet of communism!  Creating children that will require a mind other than their own is therefore creating communism in the United States!  And that is exactly what our banking industry has done by financing tobacco companies?  Now if product liability applied to them they would not have a high credit rating and go out of business!  But that is not the way our legal system/ banking system has operated! 
So in effect our banking industry promotes the kingdom of the dammed!  Those children will never know what it takes to be a responsible man in our society and yet they are granted all the same rights just as if they are!
And did England the country that helped the Confederate South in the civil war have a history of using pine tar on their sailing ropes?  Yes so much so that it stained the palms of their hands.  And are there generation after generation that bear the mark of that birth defect?  Is it indeed the source of wiccan and witch behavior predominately thought to originate in England?  And our banking system bears that mark on it too doesn’t it!  The Dutch East Indies Corporation that founded the New York stock exchange had a corporate charter just like the pirates were given a corporate charter by the Queen/King Monarchy to break laws and not be punished for doing so!  And that is exactly what many corporations in the United States do indeed do today!  If you have a complaint you will be bamboozled out of it!
And that stock exchange is as crooked today as it was in the past.  Money from people who just purchased a stock before it goes bankrupt or declines and they sell does not go to money heaven it goes to the market makers/ banking system of the United States!  They never owned the stock they sold you in the first place.  It is called short selling and they make the profit from the decline after they manipulate down the price.  Often facilitated by changing the margin requirements on specific stocks too!
And how many of them have Wilson Syndrome?  Where they are mentally retarded with strong verbal ability?
That tobacco ruined the United States.  Uneducated (Able?) labor was brought over to farm it?

And how many castles have a symbol of a screeching griffin in the bricks?  Meaning that premature retarded child is trained to protects us?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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